Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alone for another week: Day Three

The first thing I thought this morning was I might be getting a cold.

Okay, that's not quite right. The first thing that I thought this morning was, damn, I'm awake, or something like that. But pretty soon after that I wondered if I was getting a cold.

And then pretty soon after that I was thinking about what would make me feel better. Like maybe I should go buy some hot and sour soup, and maybe before that I would just see if there was chicken soup in the cabinet.

And then after that I remembered that I was trying to do the dollar a day thing.

No soup for you.

Okay, I can have soup. In fact, I've had soup everyday for almost two weeks. But that isn't the kind of soup that I eat when I think that I'm getting a cold. If I'm doing the dollar a day thing I can't go to a Chinese restaurant and get soup, cause that would cost at least $1.25. And if I have a tummy ache I can't open a can of chicken soup, cause that would cost like $1.50. And I certainly can't by Chinese food or even just a hamburger to make myself feel better.

I can't even have the chicken broth from the dollar store. It just isn't in the budget.

So I'm really glad that I am not yet at the point where I have to do this for real, that this is just a test to see if I could do it.

Wednesday I ate the following:

.17 half cup yogurt
.25 black bean soup
.13 cup of Pepsi
.05 popcorn
.10 pasta
.15 broccoli and tomato
.85 total

Also I had some Parmesan cheese, but I don't know how much that should be. Less than ten cents, if I go by how many servings it says on the label. So I think that I'm still just under a dollar.

I had more to write, but now I'm going to watch Smallville, so I guess that I'll write the rest of it tomorrow.


dmarks said...

Subsitute hot and sour, or chicken noodle soup for the bean soup if you feel a cold coming on.

I did not know you drank Pepsi. I thought it was just Coke.

laughingattheslut said...

First, I can't really replace the bean soup with anything, since it is the main thing that I eat right now. I certainly couldn't replace it with something that is more water and less protein.

Second, if I were going to replace something, it would have to be something that is the same price. The bean soup is twenty-five cents. Hour and sour soup is at least $1.25, so I couldn't have that at all. Half a can of chicken soup is still seventy-five cents, so I couldn't do that either unless I found some way of getting through the rest of the day with only twenty-five cents.

As for the Pepsi, I'm pretty flexible on that. I like Coke better, but I even drink store brand. Pepsi just happened to be what was on sale when I was looking for something to take to my friends place Saturday.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Good for you for sticking to the $1 a day plan.

dmarks said...

I suppose if you are really getting sick, the hot-and-sour soup should count as medicine instead of food. Then you'd be off of the dollar-a-day with it.

Looks like you are doing a good job of sticking with this.