Friday, January 16, 2009

Alone for the week: Day Four

Today is the last full day of my having the place to myself for almost a week. Tomorrow I have someplace to be right after lunch, and my husband will be home tomorrow evening.

And while the most of the mess still hasn't be dealt with, I have made progress in one room. And the mound of dirty laundry is now smaller than the stack that has been washed and folded. So it was good that I stayed here. I can pat myself on the back for getting a bit of work done.

I can also pat myself on the back for not sitting around eating junk food. I've hardly had any sugar this week. I have had only one coke per day (and a really small one at that), and once I had a snack size candy bar, and the only other processed sugar that I have eaten was the vanilla pudding that I used to flavor some of the yogurt.

So while I didn't start either the dollar a day thing or a diet this week, I don't think that I've been that bad either.

Tomorrow will be a different story, as I am going out with my friends to possibly three different places, and there will be stuff to eat and drink at all of them. And I suspect that my husband will want to go someplace on Sunday or Monday to reward himself for not spending too much money the rest of the week, if he actually has any money left, which he probably does not.

Since I have actually stayed in the house since Monday morning, there isn't much else to say. I was watching a tape of LOST yesterday, and I stopped the tape, and there was a plane crash on the news. Weird.

Tonight Battlestar Galactica is back on. Ten episodes left. I think that I am glad it is almost over. Still, I have to keep watching so that I can participate in the discussions, so I'll try to invite myself over to my brother's place tonight.

Time to go back to work.


dmarks said...

Scifi channel has had a Galacticathon all day long today.

I don't think it is just 10 hours left in "Battlestar Galactica" anymore. I thought I heard they have added a two-hour movie in there to stretch it out. I'm not sure, though.

I hope to be able to find out if they will air "Battlestar Galactica" in movie theatres again, it'd be cool to catch that before the show ends.

Sounds like you have a weekend of feasting ahead of you.

cube said...

Today is National Nothing Day and you finally get something done? Go figure.

bulletholes said...

it was a total mess, but its amazing what two hours gets done.
Still have some laundry to do.