Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More free food

Okay, almost free food. I had some coupons that I forgot about. The coupons were in a RaceTrac calendar that cost seventy-five cents. I bought several, gave some away, and I still have at least five of them left. The free coupon for January is a free sandwich, and I hadn't used any of them yet. So yesterday we got these free sandwiches that are supposed cost about two dollars. Twelve coupons for seventy-five cents, so the coupons were about seven cents each.

For other people who started the dollar a day thing on the first of January, their month long project is nearly over. Me, I had sort of done some of it on the thirteenth and didn't do it for real until the twentieth. The plan was for two weeks, which would be over on the second day of February, but then I thought that I might try to make it till the fifteenth, which is the next day that I plan to go out with my friends.

While this was supposed to be a little experiment, just to see if I could do it if I had to, I now have to do it for real. At my husband's job they rarely have any work for anyone around the holidays. So he didn't work from about a week before Christmas until about a week after New Year's. And it isn't a paid vacation or anything. And we didn't save enough money for the time off, so when he went back to work he had to borrow some money to pay for the travel expenses.

He was supposed to work out of town for four weeks. Only all but two days of this week has been cancelled, and now we've been told that next week has been cancelled too. And the sales from the two weeks that he did work were not very good.

So that all sucks.

The other people I'm watching who are doing the dollar a day thing have decided to do something even more dramatic next month. I will not be joining them, but I will be watching.

Yesterday I ate:
.20 yogurt
.05 half cup cola
.05 popcorn
.18 black bean soup
.02 Christmas candy
.08 tomato
.07 sandwich (free with coupon from calendar)
free cookie
.65 daily total for Tuesday

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