Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alone for the week: Day Two

Okay, so I've had the place to myself for two days now, and as usual I didn't get much done on the first day, and the sleeping by myself takes some getting used to. This disrupts my normal routine somewhat, as I now have no one to yell at to get off of the computer and come to bed. I suppose I could yell at myself, but somehow I don't see that as being an effective way of preparing to sleep.

So not much done the first day, and I got most of what I wanted to do done the second day. So I'm about a third or fourth of the way done with what I hoped to get done this week. I forgot that I have plans Saturday, so if I want to get done I have only today and tomorrow and a few hours on Saturday to do it.

Better get busy then.

Hopefully, my mom will not call and invite me to go shopping or anything. She called yesterday, but did not talk long and did not get around to asking me to go anywhere. She did ask what my husband's schedule would be on the first week of next month.

No matter how often you explain something to her, she never seems to get that the rest of us don't work Monday through Friday from nine to five, and we don't always know when we're going out of town, etc.... We know that someone will be working in Shreveport that week, but we don't know who. We only know about two weeks ahead of time, and even then the schedule might change, even after that they might change their minds and send him somewhere else.

And I explained that we didn't know, but that he was in Shreveport this week, probably next week, and possibly two weeks after that.

From that she concluded that my husband would be out of town for four weeks, not even two minutes after I explained that we didn't know.

I wasn't pleasant to talk to after that. Probably just as well. Lengthy phone calls with my mother are rarely a good thing anymore.

So, got my mom off of the phone, and I went back to work on the mess.

Well, now that I've made a clean spot, I'll have to try to make the rest match.

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