Thursday, January 29, 2009

I totally forgot

I have another social thing to go to this weekend. Someone in the club is celebrating the big five zero, and we have to go and harass him.

So first, I totally forgot about the event, and I had to be reminded earlier this week. And then yesterday, someone had to remind me that I was expected to bring something.

So this presents some problems with the dollar a day thing. First off, I'm going to have a hard time thinking up something to take that doesn't cost too much. Second, I am going by myself, so I can't claim that only part of it was mine and I shouldn't have to claim the entire amount against my daily total. And third, while this was supposed to be just an experiment, I really am short on money now, and I really don't have much money left to just go and get something. Right now I don't have enough left to go out with my friends on the fifteenth, but I should get a little more money between now and then. But still, the money I have left right now, minus the groceries I'm planning to go and buy today really only leaves me a few dollars that probably has to last until a week from Friday. And I can't go all crazy with that, because I'll need that money for rent and such.

I might just have to skip going out with my friends on the fifteenth.

We got more free sandwiches yesterday, which makes the food bill about the same, except for a little bit of ice cream. And I do mean a little bit of ice cream. My husband was eating it right out of the carton, and then he remembered that I hadn't had any all week and handed me an almost empty carton. I think I'll say the last few bites count as twenty cents.

Yesterday I ate:
.20 yogurt
.05 half cup cola
.05 popcorn
.18 black bean soup
.02 Christmas candy
.20 ice cream
.08 tomato
.07 sandwich (free with coupon from calendar)
free cookie
.85 daily total for Wednesday


dmarks said...

Black balloons are always fun for a 50th birthday.

Or you could find some black fake fur and sew him a black Tribble.

laughingattheslut said...

We were told that balloons were not wanted, and we were requested to wear black, and there might be sort of an Addams Family theme to it.

I don't know that a black tribble would be unwelcome, but that would just be an added expensive to the almost empty bank account, and it still wouldn't solve my problem of what food or beverage I should take to the party.

dmarks said...

I still have that old bag of fake fur, purchased for Tribble making 35+ years ago.... in every color but black.