Saturday, January 24, 2009

Choosing to stay in bed

Today is one of those days that I would usually stay in bed all day and drink Coke and maybe eat half a bag of cookies. Or maybe I'd eat the whole bag of cookies.

I'm not really sick, I just feel rather blah. Due to the miracle of modern science and the invention of several over the counter drugs and birth control pills and other things, I am not confined to bed today.

But I don't much feel like getting out of bed either.

I did however, get up and make the black bean soup that I will eat for lunch today and most of next week. And I did go to the grocery store and spend about two dollars and fifty cents, but I'm kicking myself for not running that errand yesterday when I was already out. And I did wash a few dishes and such.

But I'm not doing much in the way of serious work. I'm watching a lot of TV.

I've already had a nap.


But I've only had the one cup of cola, and I haven't eaten any cookies.

Yesterday I had lots of errands to run, and I did get most of that stuff done. But I forgot to do a few things. And I had lunch a bit late. And then I sort of forgot to eat dinner.

Yesterday I ate:

.25 black bean soup
.05 half cup of cola
.11 soup
.05 popcorn
.20 yogurt
.05 spoonful of peanut butter
.71 daily total for Friday

Okay, so I did not mean to do that. But maybe that will make up for tomorrow. Sunday I have someplace to be, and I won't quite be doing the dollar thing, though I hope to not spend much more than that.

Today I ate:

.11 soup
.10 cup cola
.20 cup yogurt
.09 egg
.18 black bean soup
.06 half cup broccoli
.14 soup
.05 popcorn
.02 Christmas candy
.95 daily total for Saturday

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