Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alone for the week

Okay, my husband went out of town on business, and I have the place to myself. We usually discuss the idea of me going with him, but it wasn't much of a discussion this time.

The house is a mess, and I have no excuse to go out of town when there is so much work here for me to do.

Also, we are very short on money, and in despite of all the plans we make to not spend money when we are out of town, we usually end up spending anyway. He still spends some without me, but not as much. When I am with him we are tempted to act like we are on vacation.

And, when I stay home by myself, I am also less likely to spend money. He likes to eat out at every opportunity, even if it just going to get a fast food hamburger. If he is going, I like to go with him, but I don't feel like I need to do that when I'm here by myself. I will still go out with my friends on Saturday, but I will try not to go out until then.

As for the work around here that I should be doing, well, that is off to a slow start as usual. You can see that it is about one, and I'm wasting my time on the computer. We went to Whataburger for breakfast, and then after that I've had the place to myself since just before nine. I haven't done much except blog and check email and such.

But I usually don't do much the first day, which doesn't always mean that I waste the whole week.

I'm writing another post, but I must take a break from blogging now. Time for lunch.

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