Sunday, January 18, 2009

I stole pizza

Okay, so I watched Friday's BSG episode and found it interesting enough. I got all the laundry done. Now I'm a bit behind on the dishes, but that's okay.

So Saturday morning I changed the sheets and all of that. I found that I could live without some of my DVDs, so I planned to leave early so I could see about selling three of them to Half Price Books.

Now, I have been trying to watch what I eat and not eat junk and not waste money, etc.... One of the things I did for about a week was eat yogurt. I would eat the yogurt sometime in the afternoon, after lunch. And since I was going to be gone after lunch, I didn't want to forget to eat the yogurt, so I figured that I should eat that first.

And then after I ate the yogurt, I forgot to eat lunch.

I had to go through construction in a couple of places. The first wasn't too bad, but the second was this whole detour, which is bad enough, but then we were all down to one lane each direction for most of the detour. And then someone hit me. Just a bump, but it felt like a real hard bump.

Okay, so I'm not really paying attention to who hit me, just trying to figure out what we should do. Cause we have to get out of our cars and exchange names and I need his insurance info and all of that. But since I don't think that there is serious damage to the car (if there is any damage to the car) I don't want to get out of the car right then and block everyone else. Unless maybe we can be really fast about it and do it in between lights. And I start to think that we could do that, but once I get unbuckled the light changes. So then I just think that I was about to make a left turn anyway, and right after I make a left turn there is an empty parking lot where we can get out of our cars and look at the damage and all of that.

So I turn left, and I think that he's going to follow me, but instead he burns rubber and turns right.

Okay, so I was in an accident, and whoever hit me fled the scene.

I couldn't tell you who hit me or even if it was a man or a woman or anything. The vehicle was black or dark blue. I just couldn't focus on that stuff, cause I was trying to focus on getting out of everyone's way and getting to that parking lot.

So I get to the parking lot, and I get out of the car and there doesn't seem to be any damage. And I'm not hurt, just really rattled. So I rest for a minute and then get back in the car and go on with my plans.

I get three bucks for the three DVDs. Not that great, but that's okay. Now I know.

And then I go on to the pizza place for the club meeting. And I don't buy any pizza, just a soda. I almost never buy anything from them anymore, except for the sodas. Their prices go up, and the pizza isn't as good as it used to be. The supposed improvements to the building are not anything that helps me. So I don't buy their overpriced food anymore.

So I go in to see my friends, and I buy a soda. And this man that I don't know walks into the room, looks around, and walks out. And then he comes back in again. So I ask if he's one of us, or if he's just lost.

So he says he is one of us, and he sits down next to me. And he's talking to me and someone at another table, and after a while he gets tired of turning his head back and forth, so the other person comes to sit with us. And then two more people sit down, which pretty much fills up the table.

Now, I usually save seats at the table for other people, but there was another empty table, and I figured that they could just sit there. The new guy is funny.

So then two of the people I usually wait for show up and squeeze into the table. And of the others one wasn't coming bacause she was straightening the house so that we could come over later, one was stuck in traffic, one was running late and finally decided not to bother with it, and my friend with the allergies had to cancel because of a serious family illness.

New guy is headed back to the buffet for more pizza and asks if he can get anything for anyone else. We say no thank you. One guy has just gone through the line, and the rest of us didn't buy any food.

New guy comes back with a lot of extra pizza anyway, and he's not going to eat it and neither is anyone else. And I never steal stuff from a buffet. And I know that someone else "shared" a buffet last year and was warned not to try that again.

So again I say that I don't want anything, and I'm a good honest person anyway. And the new guy is saying how much he paid for the buffet and he should get that much from it, which he isn't going to get eating by himself.

And then I remember that I forgot to eat lunch. And the pizza is just sitting there, literally getting cold now. No one is going to eat it. I might as well eat a little of it since it is just going to go in the trash anyway.

After eating two pieces of stolen pizza, we have a trivia contest, which I won.

Next I drive a couple of cities over, on part of the freeway I never drive on, but I do want to hang out at my friend's house, and that's where she lives now. I almost went home first and took the long way around, but I figure that we'll be making a lot of trips between the pizza place and my friend's house, so I might as well get used to the drive. I missed an exit and had to turn around, but the drive wasn't near as bad as I thought.

We stopped to have dinner, only three of the normal six or seven. And after that we went to my friend's house, and I didn't leave til almost two in the morning.

So that's just the best fun I've had since the last time I won a trivia contest and stayed at a friend's house until almost two in the morning.


dmarks said...

The pizza police have been notified.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Sounds like you did have a rather good time.

bulletholes said...

Really helps with the dollar a day thing.

cube said...

I thought the revelation of the fifth Ceylon was a bit anticlimactic. I guess we'll see how they tie her back into the story in due time.