Tuesday, February 06, 2007


A few months ago, I hit the next blog button and found a blog. Not just the most fantastic blog I have ever read, but written by a guy who seemed nice enough. So I left a few comments and got in the habit of reading his blog.

I also got into the habit of reading the blogs of some of his other readers. I left some comments on those blogs as well. The nice enough guy soon stopped blogging after that.

Most of my comments then switched to another blog, written by a not so nice guy. Or at least that is what it seems when you read his blog. One of the other bloggers who knows the guy in real life says he's not so bad.

Well, I guess I assumed that. I guess I assumed that no one was really that much of an ass. (A dumb thing for me to assume given what happened to me last year, but that's what I thought.) Or, at least, I thought that no one would be so openly proud of being that much of an ass. (Again, that was a dumb thing for me to assume, but that's what I thought.) I just figured this was a totally made up asshole persona, solely invented to get the ball rolling on whatever he was blogging about that day.

But I guess I was wrong. He seemed to go out of his way to insult people, some of whom he did not know, and often on areas that had nothing to do with the subject of the blog post. Whatever. I still liked leaving comments, and the other people leaving comments were fun to read, so I kept reading.

Then he started complaining about what the readers were saying about him, about back stabbers, and about how unfairly he'd been treated. Hard to believe this is a serious statement being made by a grownup. If you act like an ass, people will treat you like an ass. Get over it.

But I still half believed that this was all pretend.

So he announced that he would stop blogging. And he was going to stop leaving comments on other people's blogs. He had better things to do with his time, and he didn't like the way he was being treated.


So I kept reading three of the blogs he used to leave comments on. Those seem to be written by nice enough people. And they usually do not go into this childish rant if someone says something that they don't like.

Less than a month went by, and the asshole announced that he would start blogging again. Great. Not that I miss him as a person, but the discussions were fun, or at least reading other people's comments was fun.

Two days after he is back, I find I am not allowed to read his blog anymore. It is for members only.

Is he for real? I am blocked on purpose? Or is this just one of those things that accidentally happens between new blogger and old version blogger?



nobodyinparticular said...

I think it must be some sort of game, and for this round he might be doing something like try to find out how many people actually beg for access to his blog by requesting clearance.

Probably, the closure will be as permanent as the hiatus you mentioned.

David in DC said...

I've asked him for an invitation and he pleads ignorance.

He says his blog is shut down for good and he doesn't know why Blogger is giving us a message that there is still a blog, but one you must be invited to.

I'm choosing to believe him.

I doubt the above commenter is right, that "it must be some sort of game, and for this round he might be doing something like try to find out how many people actually beg for access to his blog by requesting clearance."

But if the above commenter is right, I'm one who fell for it and requested an invitation.

It's o.k. Like I said, I think the above commenter is wrong and I'm choosing to believe the proffered explanation.

I'd rather risk being thought a fool than risk unfairly disbelieving a friend.

laughingattheslut said...

So, do you know this person in real life? I didn't think he'd had the blog long enough to have friends that way, but maybe I do not remember correctly. And I have no way to look at the moment, since I am not on the member list.

So, is this a totally made up persona, or is he really an ass?

David in DC said...

One of his first posts was an open letter to me calling me every kind of awful. It was pretty funny.

We developed a bantering relationship. If you look through my posts and his comments on the first couple of months of my blog until he shut down the first time, you can get a feel for it.

There's was a similar set of posts and comments on his now-defunct blog.

He made fun of my penis, I made fun of his brain. It's that kind of friendship. We've never met in real life.

laughingattheslut said...

Personally, I think making fun of your penis is something that should be reserved for your wife.

Interesting relationship.

Rachel said...

I believe that my blog was one of the first ones that he started hating on after White Dade's. I didn't mind as long has he made statements about what the subject was but the tangents drove me crazy.
One thing he was definitely good for was to start a heated discussion.
In a strange, masochistic way I kinda miss the guy.

Nobidyinparticular said...

Rachel: Is this akin to missing a splinter after you've pulled it out?