Thursday, February 22, 2007

Today is a beautiful spring day

It really is lovely outside. I think it must be like 75 or 80 degrees outside. I should be outside doing something. I should be out getting the backyard ready to do some gardening.

But I am not doing that.

And I have promised a scarf to an out of town friend, who actually lives somewhere that people need scarves because of the cold. And I also have plans to sell three other scarves when I get around to making them. So I could get started on one of those scarves.

But I am not doing that either.

Earlier today I was working on a ceramic vase. I have spent so much time rubbing this vase that I can still feel the thing in my hand three hours later. It would have been nice to get the rest of that over with.

But I am not doing that now either. We are not supposed to work on class stuff at home, so the vase is at school.

My neck hurts for no apparent reason, so I am spending the day doing really unproductive things like watching TV. My brother loaned me his Space: Above and Beyond dvds, so I have watched several of those. A friend of mine burned a disk for me with Day of the Triffids and some Stargate Atlantis episodes on it. And I watched the tape of last night's LOST episode.

I haven't started looking at my watch yet, to count the hours until we learn what happens to a certain doctor who nearly drowned on Grey's Anatomy, but later I probably will. I have eaten a couple of pieces of raw cookie dough (I ate twelve pieces earlier this week), and later I might actually bake the six remaining cookies. I've checked my email and so forth.

But mainly I am wasting the day watching TV. I don't mean to say that I wish my neck hurt more often, but it has been good to sit and do nothing.

Still, I wish my neck hurt on a day that it wasn't so pretty outside.

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Rachel said...

Sometimes sitting at home doing nothing is the best day you can have. Having a painful neck isn't fun though.
Hope you feel better soon!