Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yesterday was a beautiful day

We had a high temperature of 71 degrees. 71 degrees at the beginning of February. That's unusually warm, even for us.

My husband had the day off, and we went out and had the nice kind of day that we used to have. Nothing really special. We went out for pizza and went to the bookstore and stuff like that. Then we came back here and went for a walk. A few other people went out for a walk too. It really was a beautiful day.

Of course it would be a beautiful day, when nothing special was planned.

Today, the sky is grey and unpleasant, and everything is just the opposite of yesterday. And it is about twenty or twenty-five degrees colder, which is no big deal. But it will probably rain tonight. It will probably rain on and off for about a week or so.

So, of course, it is probably going to rain when my friend comes to visit from out of state.

We still haven't quite decided what to do on that front.


windy-zw said...

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Nobodyinparticular said...

It sounds like you two had a very nice day, with is special in itself.

As for your friend, as long as he brings an umbrella, he should be OK.