Monday, February 19, 2007

Think that the last blog entry was long enough? And there's still a part 4 to write, which I will probably do tomorrow. And then after that I still plan to write about the wildlife park.

I was hoping maybe after I wrote all of this I'd have some idea about what I wanted to do next. But I still haven't a clue. Maybe I'll at least remember some things that I should stay away from.

I have a couple of problems. I don't really seem to be good at anything that makes money. What I really seem to be good at is going to school, and working on art projects, and writing. If there was some way to get paid to go to go school, that would be the thing for me. There is such a thing as being a secret shopper. Is there such a thing as being a secret student?

I think that if I won the lottery that I would spend all of my time taking art classes. Or maybe I would alternate between taking art classes and writing classes. There is still this book that I'm supposed to be writing, but I put that on hold because I thought that I should do other things like find a job and clean and fix a few things around the house. So I haven't done any major work on the book since spring of 2004. And, for the same reasons, my last art class before this one was in the fall of 2004. And then that whole other thing happened, so I've spent almost a year trying to get back to where I was before.

I found out two things this week. I really need to get on with it. And, I really don't want to.

The original reason for my taking the current art class no longer exists, but I am still working at it like it does. I spent most of Friday on the Internet, looking at pictures and trying to decide what I wanted to do with one of the tile projects. How could I have spent so much time thinking about a tile project? Not actually working on a tile, just thinking about what it is going to be. And it is just a tile. It is not a big sculpture, or even a small sculpture. Just a tile. How can I waste that much time on the Internet, and not even write anything?

The tile is either going to be a sea turtle, a Celtic knot, or a Stargate symbol. I should quit thinking about it. I should stay off the Internet. I should not look at anymore pictures.

As for what I got done the rest of the week, at least the dirty dishes in the sink are just from the weekend, and the clean pile of laundry is considerably bigger than the dirty pile of laundry. Which means that I still need to clean the rest of the house, go out side and big a really big hole and four smaller ones, and possibly knit a couple of scarves.

What I really should do is finish cleaning the house, and dig those holes outside, and quit worrying about art class and put away the scarves and give some serious thought to what my next job should be. But I don't want to do that. What I want is for everything to go back the way it was. Most of the time what I want is to give up on a lot of this other stuff and go back to following my husband around. And most of the time, he wants that too. But it really doesn't seem to be a good idea anymore.

One thing at a time. My thing today is to quit wasting time on this tile project.

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nobodyinparticular said...

I vote for the Sea Turtle as the tile subject. You might not agree with this decision, but if you choose to accept it, you don't have to worry about that decision anymore.


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