Monday, February 05, 2007

So what do you do for fun around here?

My out of state friend will be here next week. The knitting seems to be going a bit better, but maybe still not gift level better. I did a panel of four stripes while I was not watching the game yesterday.

So my friend is coming, and he'll only be here a few hours, and I don't know where we should go for those few hours. Dinner is all planned, but I don't know what to do before that.

What do out of towners like to do in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

About thirty years ago, when I was the out of town visitor, we came to the Metroplex for two reasons: 1.) visiting grandparents, and 2.) going to Six Flags.

We will not be visiting grandma. And, I do not think we will be going to Six Flags, because A.) it is probably closed in February, B.) my friend is not twelve years old, and C.) if my friend was twelve years old it would just be cruel to go to Six Flags for a couple of hours and then turn around and leave before you've had a chance to do anything. I've had nightmares about that.

Actually, my friend might have liked Six Flags, back when certain performers worked there, but that was like thirty years ago. Now it is all roller-coasters. Really big roller-coasters for people with no fear, and no brains.

One of the museums has an exhibit of dehydrated dead people. Maybe we should do that. Maybe not.

We have two aquariums here, but I haven't been to either one in a while. I'm not sure if either one even has a sea turtle. I love sea turtles. My friend says he's never seen one.

Some people like to go to Dallas and see where Kennedy was shot. Personally, I don't get it. But that's what people do.

Dallas is scary anyway. I don't like Dallas.

Down the road a bit is a sculpture of some wild horses. There are pictures of it in all the tourist books. I've never gone to look at it.

Anyway, my friend is coming, and I don't have a clue.

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