Friday, February 23, 2007

A year before that horrid person invaded my life

Last year about this time, I was really happy. Not happy about anything in particular, just happy about where I was in my life. I could finally relax and just be happy. The house was a mess as usual, but at least we were finally in a house, and I did think I would get it all sorted out before the summer. My husband insisted that we move about six months before I was ready, but now at least that was one less thing to argue about. I didn't have a job, but I was deliberately not looking very hard. My husband thought that he was going to another state for about a month, and I wanted to go with him, and I didn't want to try to get a job right before I was planning to go away for a month.

We had recently spent a week near Austin. It was really a business trip for him, but it was a nice getaway too. There was the usual problem with the credit card debt, but I had decided to quit bothering him about it, and it seemed to be working. He seemed happy.

And the sex was great.

That had been annoying. I finally get to the point where I like having sex all of the time, and he just wasn't up to it. But, he was my best friend, and if I never had sex again I thought I still had this wonderful relationship that most other people never experience. So when this happened, I just thought that everything was going to be wonderful.

And it was all about to be ruined, by someone I knew nothing about, by someone he didn't even like yet.

He did like someone else. I don't know if he was planning anything or not. I don't think so. I think he just liked the idea of talking to someone who lived far away. And he was trying to get this person to send him stuff from England that they don't sell in the United States. And maybe he was even thinking that if they got to be friends we might be invited to come for a visit.

Or maybe he was thinking something else. He said when he first started reading her blog, he didn't know all the weird stuff she was into. But two months after he did know, he was still reading and leaving comments and trying to be friends with her.

Of course, she had a brain, and didn't want to be anything but friends.

Maybe she didn't have enough morals for my liking, but she did have a brain. She doesn't go after married men, she doesn't date married men, etc.... Maybe it's not because of her high moral code, maybe it's because she tried that before and it didn't work out, or maybe just married men aren't worth the effort. But for whatever reason, she's not interested in married men. Whatever perverse things she does in her personal life, she does draw the line somewhere.

She has a friend who does not draw lines. Or see lines. Or acknowledge in anyway that lines even exist.

But the friend just wasn't very interesting. My husband wasn't reading her blog. She was just this annoying person who left comments on her friend's blog.

A year ago the Bimbo was writing in her blog about how happy she was. How she felt guilty for feeling so happy. How she has all this empathy for other people, and how she usually tries to fix things for other people, but for now she wasn't going to do that, she was just going to enjoy being happy. The only thing that was keeping her from being perfectly happy was that she didn't have a man in her life. But, supposedly, even without a man, she was happy.

Three weeks later, she would set out to totally destroy my life. Being a slut is such a part of who she is that she can't turn it off for a moment, even when she knows that it is going to hurt someone. And she actually thinks that she's a good person.

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