Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day Break

Basically, I am wondering if anyone knows what happened to the show. It was on ABC, and it was supposed to be on for thirteen weeks, while we waited for new episodes of LOST. I really liked the show. After like five episodes, it was replaced by a couple of half hour comedies that I don't think anyone is watching.

I don't think many of my readers watched the show, so I thought I'd post it on the weekend when most of your aren't reading anyway. Probably you'd be more interested in the previous post about drunks.

But, just in case, here it is. And I've included the two comments from the other blog.

(the following was originally posted on another blog on November 18th)

I thought Wednesday night's Daybreak was an excellent two hours of television.

Unfortunately, the other people I would normally discuss such things with somehow managed to miss the show.

I can't understand why they didn't watch it. It was great. Similar in some ways to Groundhog Day, the equally amusing Stargate episode Windows of Opportunity, and the more serious but lesser known 12:01 (which I am told is quite different from the 12:01 short story, in which the main character keeps repeating the same hour); it was a time loop story, in which the day keep repeating itself and only the main character knows it.

In the first two hours of the series, the main character goes through the original day and three repeats. In the original day he saves a dumb pedestrian, gets framed for murder, finds out his brother-in-law is beating his sister, gets set up by his partner, gets arrested, watches his girlfriend and alibi get killed, is told that he will have to confess to the murder he's accused of if he doesn't want his family similarly killed, is beaten by thugs, and is then sedated. The first repeat of the day is very similar, except that he doesn't save the pedestrian, he tries to warn a few people about what is going to happen but they don't believe him, and he pushes his wife-beating brother-in-law into a glass display case. The third time around he doesn't bother with much of anything except trying to get out of town with his girlfriend, which doesn't go as planned, and the bad guys follow and shoot at them. He gets wounded in the shoulder, and there's blood everywhere, but luckily his girlfriend is an ER nurse and she patches him up. The cops catch up to them at a motel, and his partner seems like she is setting him up again, but this time she is obviously just there to try and help him, which then gets her killed. He and his girlfriend get away, and he drives all night.

And somehow is back in his bed about six in the morning on the same day as before.

But somehow, the events of the repeating days stay with him, and this time he starts the day off with a trip to the ER, because he's bleeding from what appears to be a bullet wound. The episode ends with him getting away from the cops at the hospital in the middle of the third repeat of the day.

I like most of the actors, which include Skinner from the X-files and Jane from Firefly. I should know who the partner is too, but I just can't think from where at the moment.

So did anybody else watch this show?


the husband said...

Yes, it is an interesting show. We have several bodies a day turning up and it seems that Our Hero will be hard pressed to set up the day in such way that he saves all of them. Of course, not all of them are worth saving.

how many blogs do you need, dear?

Laughingattheslut said...

Isn't that sweet. He called me dear.

Well, I thought since I was just going to have a regular blog that I'd start a different one without a name that puts off regular people who don't know about it already.

And then I thought that I'd have this one for just sci-fi and related stuff, and then I'd have the other one for the mundanes to read. See?


dmarks said...

We saw the first hour. We thought it was good, but not super-duper great. The DVD recorder was left to run for the 2nd hour of the double-episode pilot as well. Maybe something else was on during the 2nd half. We never quite got back to the 2nd half. I recorded a few mure episodes of the later weeks... but never watched any of them, so they still sit there in the "burnt DVD stack" on top of the DVD recorder.

(We do that sometimes, but not too much. A recommended Supernatural after Smallville two weeks ago is still not watched yet, even though I finally saw the Smallville today).

I wonder if it is worth the bother to go back. These serial drama things build toward some sort of payoff, but if they start and get cut short abot 5 or 6 weeks in, is it worth it just to see the beginning and then suddenly have it end only part way through with no mysteries resolved?

dmarks said...

Didn't take long. Found it:

This ABC page for the show says it had a "Series Finale" with episode 13. Its says you can watch all 13 online there.