Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thinking of transferring stuff from another blog

First I would like to say hello and welcome to a new reader. I stopped by your blog as well, but didn't really have any interesting comments that applied to anything. Just that I was confused for a moment and thought that Mr. Giggles was a cat. Guess I was reading too fast.

Anyway, over at eclectic spaghetti blog we were nominating ideas for silly holidays. One of them was write your blog like you live in a soap opera day, which is not really a special day thing here, since the blog started because of the little soap opera going on here because of the homewrecking-slut.

So I was thinking that maybe I have done a bit too much whining and such this month. I've decided that I'm going to transfer some of the posts from another blog here. I don't think that anyone reads that blog. So far the only comments I've gotten were from my husband and someone who was already reading this blog.

Originally, I had planned to do just the opposite. I had planned to transfer all the non-Bimbo related stuff to the other blog, where people would not be put off by my name. But since most of my readers are here, and there are fewer posts over there, moving stuff here seems a better idea.

A lot of that stuff at the other blog was written in December. While I don't think it is a problem to buy Christmas presents in March or have Halloween decorations out in April, I just thought I'd mention that the seasonal stuff I wrote about was actually written during the appropriate season.

Okay, on with the show.

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Babybull40 said...

I'm happy to always have new readers and comments from other bloggers..Sorry for the confusion pertaining to Mr. Giggles.. He is the light of my life..He was formally called TCP.. Now I bet you are wondering what the hell that's all about. Well it stands for "The Chunky Peanut"..he is now 16 month's old.. and I am a stay at home mom.. Anyhoo I will not go on and on.. I wanted to clear that up.. Thanks again for stopping by..