Sunday, March 11, 2007

Talk amongst yourselves: or, the clip episode and catching up

This is the anniversary of the when the trouble started, but I didn't know that at the time. Or, I guess I should say, when the real trouble started. There were problems before that, but March 11th was the day that the Homewrecking-slut decided that she would seriously go after my husband.

My husband had left a comment on her blog, and his email address. I can't believe that he meant any harm by it, but she took it to mean that he wanted her. So she had to think about it for a longtime (2 days), and then she decided it was okay. He tried to correct her, told her that he loved me and would never do anything to hurt me, and that he wouldn't even be talking to her if he there was anyway that they would ever meet in real life. Her second email invited him to come to London and f*** her in the a**.

I don't know what was said during the next few days, other than she must have promised him all kinds of sex. They can't have had any meaningful conversations. They can't have talked about anything that decent people discuss. I'm sure that they were all about sex, and I'm sure he didn't really care anything for her then. He erased all of those emails right away. If they were about the important things in life, if this was really someone he cared about, he would have kept the emails. But he kept very few of those, so I can only imagine want they said. And even the earliest ones that he kept for a while were all about f***ing. Before a week was up she sent him nude photos and a close-up of her butt.

But I do know that in that first week she invited him to move in with her, in London. My husband is quite obsessed with London. He is also quite fond of a movie called "Same Time Next Year", and before he decided that her emails were something he should keep she had not only agreed to reenact this movie with him, she offered to pay for it as well. What kind of disgusting creature offers to pay thousands of dollars to get a married man to cheat on his wife? What can possibly be in it for her to do something so vile to another human being?

But he still said he loved me and couldn't stand the thought of leaving me. She had to work on him for another two or three weeks to get him to come around to that. Then when he changed his mind and didn't want to do it, she reminded him that he'd given it a lot of thought and waited along time to tell me. Sure. Almost a month is a long time to decide to ruin an relationship that had lasted almost two decades. She has like a five-year-old's definition of a long time.

Anyway, she came here, and as soon as he saw her, he knew he didn't want her. He got very depressed. I don't know if she didn't notice the difference, or if no one really wants her and there was no difference, or she just didn't care or what. About two hours after she got here, they decided that they might as well get on with it before dinner. I still cannot grasp why they would do that after it was obvious that they had no future together. A few hours after that he realized he had made a serious mistake.

The next morning, he called me and told me that I was right about everything. I had already told him that there were conditions if he came back, so I thought that he was going to come home and do all the stuff that had already been discussed. He said that he would see me later. I thought that he was taking her to the airport and that he would be home in a couple of hours. I waited, and I waited. He took her shopping and did a little sightseeing.


So he finally comes home, thinking that he is going to keep seeing her for the next few days until she can arrange to stay with a friend in Chicago.


When he came home, he forgot to pack his things, and I had to drive him to the motel to get some of his stuff. And she's actually trying to get him to change his mind while I'm waiting in the car. He finally convinces her that the best thing is for her to stay at a different motel closer to the airport, and that he won't ever be seeing her again.

After she left, she still wouldn't leave him alone. She kept emailing him and such. I knew he had sent her a few emails to make sure she got home and all of that, but more than a month later she's still in contact with him. For all I know, she still is. She just wouldn't go away. And then she's blogging about her romantic trip that didn't work out and that she wasn't sorry for what she'd done and that she did what she had to do. She had to do it? How sick is that? Not even that she'd learned her lesson about married men or strangers on the Internet or anything. This was just something that she had to do.

After that she was blogging about what a wonderful person she was. She was a giver. So, I left a comment that giving it away doesn't make you a giver, it makes you a slut. She didn't like me doing stuff like that, so her blog didn't take anonymous comments after that. That was the first time that I got a blog, so that I wasn't anonymous.

So that's what I originally got the blog for, to make fun of stuff that she said on her blog. But then she had a members only blog and then she didn't blog at all for a while, so I just had this blog that I wasn't doing anything with.

I think that everyone should be caught up now.

I've been asked to provide links to my favorite posts. I thought that my second post wasn't too bad, even though it didn't have anything to do with the original reason for the blog. It starts out with an apology for being a boring post that had nothing to do with anything, and ended up this long explanation on why I like black (especially black clothes) and why is that anybody's business if I wear black most of the time.

The next entry had more to do with what I wanted the blog to be about
and the one after that was supposed to be a contest in creative insults. I was the only one writing the insults, but I thought they were pretty good.

I thought that the name of this one would get some attention, but it is actually about my temp job at the Halloween store.
And this one also has a good title, but it is actually about the one-size fits all myth (in clothing, not the other).

This one is about how I used to really like something when I was a kid and I have a very different view of it now.

This one is a silly bit about the Halloween party.

There are a lot of just this is what I did today and things that I am thinking about, but I thought this one was pretty good.

This one is about how I feel about my husband now.

This is just too weird. I saw it many years ago, but I just got around to writing about it recently.

This is the going on a diet stuff that I wrote after Anon 1 did that bit about fat women.

And since the earlier link didn't work, this is all the stuff where I mention the Homewrecking-slut in passing. I didn't really write that much about her, but I probably will later.

So, just in case I don't get to write much this next week or so, that should be plenty to keep everyone busy.


nobodyinparticular said...

On a lighter note, that "Vasectomy Reversal" billboard thing is infamous enough that it made it to "King of the Hill". I saw an episode where Bobby was walking around wearing a sandwich board advertising vasectomy reversals.

David in DC said...

Thanks for the catch-up for those who started reading late and for the links to your greatest hits.

Yay Laughing!

The Diva Tee's Thoughts said...

That was interesting read. Some people are crazy! Like your style.