Friday, March 30, 2007

Not doing much again

Okay, so either no one has read my last post yet, or everyone has read it and they're just too polite to leave any "What the f***?" kind of comments.

I have no car today. The mechanic finally called back with a thousand dollar estimate. That was about three times what I was expecting, and I was really hoping it just needed a new hose or something and would be less. Anyway, I don't even have a thousand dollars at the moment, so they are just going to do half of the repairs at the moment, so I can get an inspection sticker, and I'll have to bring the car back later after I get another five hundred dollars.

So I am stuck at home for the day. And it is too wet outside to garden, so I thought this would be the day that I finally get some housework done. But I feel a bit sick. Usually, I take a common over the counter medication, and I feel better in an hour or so. The last time I took this medication was during the spring break trip, and I can't find any here, so I must have left them packed with the stuff that my husband took with him this week. So I should go to the drugstore and get some more.

Did I mention that I don't have a car today?

Plan B is to eat half a bag of cookies and hope for the best.

Today I have advice for people trying to cook a fried egg and a side of of spaghetti. Fry the egg first and then make the spaghetti. Somehow it is less messy than doing it the other way round.

And why would anyone want to cook a fried egg with a side of spaghetti?

I may have this plan to take over the world, but I do not have the answer for everything.


dmarks said...

Egg and spaghetti? How eclectic.

For dinner, you might consider this:

If the link messes up, you can get there with the "Almost Interesting Musings on Life" link in my blog links. The recipe looks real good anyway, and Natalie's a new visitor to the blogs in the area too.

Do they have a service that delivers raw cookie dough?

Rachel said...

Eggs & Spaghetti? I don't think I will be trying that any time soon.
I'm sorry you aren't feeling too hot. I hate being sick.
Take a nap and enjoy your cookies!

laughingattheslut said...

I can't quite get to sleep. The mechanic should probably be calling soon, and I'll have to get a ride to pick up the car.

It's sad to eat so many cookies and not enjoy them that much. Just think that most other things would make me sick right now.

But they are still cookies, so it isn't like a don't enjoy them at all.

Trying to decide on a design to paint on my plate. I keep wanting to do a dragon/sea monster thing, but I should have a back-up plan in case that takes too much work and I don't have the time.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Eggs and Spaghetti? Oh my! lol

Babybull40 said...

I've never had that combination before..whether or not I will is another question.. I love cookies though...