Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Vote on the upcoming 100th post

Or, at least, the upcoming 100th published post.

Given what the blog was originally supposed to be about, I could write something about the homewrecking-slut, or some advice and/or questions for homewrecking-sluts in general.

I could blog about all the things that I have done in bed (not what it sounds like).

Dinner with William Shatner? My evening with the guy in the Vorlon suit? Last year's All-Con?

At some point, I mean to do a serious list of favorite books and movies, but I don't really think I could do it justice in the next week or so.

I have an interesting 9-ll story, but I think that I'll save that for September.

I could stop blogging for a while and come back sometime after spring break and tell you about my first experience throwing (ceramics), which hasn't happened yet. We're a bit behind schedule for some reason.

I'm open to suggestions for future blog entries. For the record, I would prefer not to write a whole blog having to do with my private parts or anyone else's private parts.

Any thoughts?


Rachel said...

What? You don't like my stories? I am crushed!!! LOL
I would like to hear about the dinner with William Shatner.

nobodyinparticular said...

Well, let me see here.

Advice for Homewreckingsluts might not be of a lot of value unless we knew that some were reading this blog.

You could always do something like those 100th episode "clip shows" on TV and link to a few of your favorite posts and say why they were your favorites.

The chat with Shat would always be a good idea and entertaining to all.

I hope that the idea of throwing ceramics does not involve already baked/dried pieces. However, I suppose that sometimes that might seem like a good idea out of frustration when something turns out really wrong.

Some of your readers might be interested in these ideas also for blog ideas for their own blogs.

nobodyinparticular said...

And Rachel, did you *have* to say "crushed"? Ouch!

David in DC said...

For those of us who came late to the party, a recap about the bimbo would be helpful. If not as a 100th post, maybe you could put up a post sometime with links to the 5 best old posts that tell the story.

I'll be on an all-guys trip to Atlantic City from Wed-Sunday for a basketball tournament. There's likely to be drinking, casino gambling, poker plaing just among friends and perhaps a visit or two to an exotic dancing establishment.

RFB has strict rules on this, which I always follow: You can look, but you better not touch. (Also a great Springsteen lyric).

If any hussy touches me,m I'll call her a home-wrecking slut, to her face, straight from you.

Then I'll beat a hasty retreat before killer bouncers mop up the floor with my face.

laughingattheslut said...

I didn't actually ever write out the whole story. I have mentioned her, mostly in passing, but I think that these are the only posts that she is in


But I'll probably write some more soon, since she became a serious problem about a year ago next week.

The poor guy in the Vorlon suit did not get any votes.

Throwing a pot means to make a pot on a potter's wheel. There is some old word that sounds like throw but means something else, and so now it is called throwing. We haven't thrown anything in class yet.

I don't know if the Bimbo or any other homewrecking-sluts are reading. I don't have one of those things that tracks readers. "If I did not want it heard--" and all of that. Most of the time, I do not think it is a good day to die, but the other Klingon proverb is a good one.

I guess I'll go to Rachel's blog and leave a comment about winkles.

nobody said...

Why not the guy in the Vorlon suit? Anyone who gets to shuffle around on TV show wearing a fiberglass ox collar, a painted motorcycle gas tank, and heavy hotel curtains has to be an interesting fun guy. Even if he did torture poor telepath Lita. :(

I almost forgot about his spaceship. If I recall correctly, he traveled around space in a sort of flying purple petunia.

So here is a vote for Mr. Vorlon Suit!

I didn't really think that throwing meant tossing. However, my knowledge of the potter's wheel is limited to the movie "Ghost". And that is knowledge is pretty bad: I've not even seen that movie!

laughingattheslut said...

I think that is two votes for Shatner, two for a clip show, and one for the guy in the Vorlon suit.

And what I do in bed is not that interesting anyway.

"Why not the guy in the Vorlon suit? Anyone who gets to shuffle around on TV show wearing a fiberglass ox collar, a painted motorcycle gas tank, and heavy hotel curtains has to be an interesting fun guy. Even if he did torture poor telepath Lita. :("

The guy in the Vorlon suit eventually married the actress who played that telepath, so I hope he did not torture her too much. The other telepath actress married the actor who played Garbaldi, but I don't think that they're together anymore.

The throwing comments made me think of that TV show, Grace Under Fire. I didn't watch that show much, but once at the end of an episode one of the guys is making a vase and talking about how relaxing it is, and then he stands up and tosses it across the room.