Monday, October 23, 2006

Tacos and the Neewollah festival

We didn't do anything special Friday. He went to work, I worked on the costume, and we went to lunch at the local taco place. They served...tacos.

There was nothing special about the taco place. It was just one we'd never heard of before, so we tried it. There are taco places all over the country that we've never heard of before, and we try them, and for the most part they turn out to be a lot like Taco Bell.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Saturday we didn't do anything special either.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. And in the middle of nowhere Kansas they were having their Neewollah Festival (Halloween spelled backwards). It was just getting started. Most of it is this week and I'll miss that anyway. And most of it doesn't seem like my sort of thing. And if there was a haunted house for this thing I didn't hear anything about it.

Still, I was in a town having a Halloween festival, and I didn't get to go to any of it. Not that I missed anything important, but Saturday was the chili cook-off and tour of historic homes. I would have liked to go to the chili cook-off, and I know he would have loved a tour of historic homes, but we didn't get to do either of those things.

He had to work, and I was stuck in the motel. While everyone else in town who cares about such things is out having fun, I'm watching somebody get buried alive on cable. Sometimes, this travel stuff sucks.

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