Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A day in middle of nowhere, Kansas

Actually, it's called Independence. We have a nice enough motel room, but no fancy breakfast and no whirlpool. But the king size bed is comfortable, and the bathtub design is nice, and the water is hot. We'll look for a whirlpool and a breakfast buffet on some other trip.

There was a Safari Park nearby, but we won't get to go because in the fall they don't do many weekday tours, and the tours on Sunday will be too late in the day for us to go. We found a little zoo here and went to that instead. One of our first space travelers was born there, a little monkey named Miss Able. It was a really small zoo, but it was free.

Other than Miss Able, the famous former resident of Independence would be Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of Little House on the Prairie and other books. So we went to see the Little House replica and looked around and bought a souvenir. The farm animals were very friendly, which usually means that the place sells animal feed, but not this time. Maybe they will do that in the future, and the animals are psychic.

We had lunch at a Chinese buffet. I wasn't feeling my best, and Chinese food usually makes me feel better. Other than that, all we did today was go to Walmart and Dollar Tree. Not usually places where tourists hang out, but that's okay. The trip was more about making up for missed together time than about sightseeing, and we are definitely having together time.

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