Monday, October 23, 2006

The end of our week in middle of nowhere, Kansas

Yesterday was our last day in Kansas, and a long drive home.

This week was not so wonderful as previous trips to Kansas, but we did a few fun things, and we just needed the time together. It was nice. I'm glad I went.

We stopped in Bartlesville and went to Kmart. There are no more Kmarts where we live. This is the first Kmart I've seen in about five years. So I had to go to Kmart. I was looking for yarn, but I guess they don't sell that anymore anyway. So we didn't buy anything at the Kmart. Goodbye Kmart.

Next we went down the street to McDonald's for breakfast. There seemed to be great confusion at the McDonald's, like there were too many people working behind the counter, but none of them seemed to know what they were doing. So we ordered breakfast, and then found out their credit card machine wasn't connected or something. And nobody fixed it. I don't think anyone even tried to fix it. So we're pulling stuff out of our pockets trying to come up with about six dollars. You wouldn't think we'd have that much trouble finding six dollars between us, but we're so used to the debit card that we rarely use cash anymore except to buy lotto tickets.

Anyway, as we're taking our breakfast to the table, someone announces that breakfast is over. And then someone else announces that they're not set up for lunch. So no breakfast and no lunch. Whatever. We won two breakfast sandwiches and added three more game pieces to the monopoly board. A million dollars will be ours any day now.

So we left the confused people at McDonald's, drove down the street a couple of blocks in the wrong direction, and finally got headed toward Tulsa. We stopped for gas, but we forgot to get any cash and had to stop again at an Albertsons. I-44 from Tulsa to Oklahoma City is a toll road. Now it's only four dollars or something like that, and the company should pay him back, but I just don't think that toll roads should be allowed on the interstate system. I was quite sure that the interstate system is funded by taxes or something, and I know that other toll roads were not added to the interstate system until after they ceased to be toll roads, so why are there tolls on the interstate roads of Oklahoma and Kansas?

It seemed a bit cold to me in Tulsa, so we did not even think about stopping at the zoo. By the time we got to Oklahoma City, it seemed much warmer to me. Perfect zoo weather, but we decided it was too late in the day, and the dolphin show was probably already over anyway. So it was on to Norman, where we stopped to get lunch and another Marie Callender pie.

Now, I was quite sure that I had carefully put aside the box with the Marie Callender pie tin, just in case we wanted another one. But when I got out of the van to look for it, he told me that he found the box and a couple of things on top of the box, assumed that it was trash, and threw whatever it was away. Now the pie tin only cost us sixty cents, but now I'm wondering what else I carefully put aside that he threw away. Never mind, as long as it wasn't my birth control pills or part of my costume, I don't guess it matters.

We were going to On The Border Mexican restaurant, but there was a mob of people outside, so we almost skipped that and went to Applebees instead. But it turned out that the mob of people were just leaving the restaurant, and were just standing outside talking about where they should go next. There was no actual line to get a table, and we were seated right away. After lunch I ran into a Michaels in the same shopping center, while he went to Barnes and Noble.

I didn't think we were shopping for that long, but I guess we spent more time in Norman than we meant to. But the time we got to the Texas tourist info place it was closed. Not that we really needed anything, I just like to go in just in case we can get a map or something for someplace he'll have to go later.

Next was a stop at Rudy's BBQ in Denton. Not that we were really hungry yet, since lunch had been about three hours ago. But we thought we'd get about a pound of stuff to go, and maybe eat a sandwich and have a couple of sodas. So there was a sign that said that the green chili stew was back, so we ordered a couple of cups of that too. It's made out of all kinds of leftover smoked meat, and it's not bad, but it does have a bit too much black pepper for my liking.

Then home. Finally home. Did one load of laundry and decided to worry about the rest of it later.

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