Friday, November 07, 2008

The Husband is EVIL

No, it's not about that.

Yesterday he went off to work to middle of nowhere Texas, and unlike most times when he goes off somewhere I did not waste the first day doing nothing. No. I had actually already had a bath and everything before he even got up yesterday, and shortly after he left I was up doing things. In the afternoon, I went to school and got started on a leaf vase. I can home tired, but feeling like I had gotten a lot done.

Early this morning I woke up and thought, since there is no one else here, I'll watch TV. So after about an hour of watching stuff I recorded last night, I decided to get up and have a bath. This was earlier than I normally get up, but it was a bit cold, and a nice hot bath seemed like a good idea.

The evil husband had left the water switched to shower. Water is never supposed to be left on shower. But for some reason, it was left that way yesterday, and of course I wasn't wearing my glasses when I got in the tub to turn on the water, and I didn't see that it was still set for shower.

So what happens when you stand in the bathtub and turn on the water that hasn't been on for almost twenty-four hours and has been left set for shower? You get a lot of ice cold water dumped on your head. You have cold wet hair to deal with, because you didn't put on a shower cap, because you didn't plan to take a shower.



dmarks said...

You must have screamed.

For most tub-showers I have seen, the switch/lever/button automatically goes back to "out of the tub faucet" after the shower is over. Obviously that is not the case for yours.

Maybe it is supposed to, and does not work anymore. If it is a Moen, they replace those for free. But then you need a plumber to install it.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

I like to stretch my arm out & turn on the shower before I get in, so it has time to run hot.

Our shower is separate to the bath, which makes things easier. Also we have 3 bathrooms.

I hope you're thinking up a suitable revenge.

Purple Pigeon said...

Argh!! what a way to wake up! That would be enough to send me scurrying back to bed with a towel on my head, thinking a day of hot chocolate and TV would be very productive indeed.