Saturday, November 01, 2008

Review of Northwood University Haunted Forest

This is mostly a note to myself. The only thing that was good about this Haunted Forest was that it was cheap and close-by. Wonder if there was something more to my liking at the rec center, or the Boy Scouts thing off of Shiloh. Maybe next year.

Anyway, if I'd have had the time and money, I would have just gone to The Boneyard.

The Haunted Forest is not for older people who can't see well and don't like walking up and down hills, and there is very much the possibly of falling downhill or just slipping elsewhere on wet leaves. It was mostly about five guys with chainsaws, and really, I hate chainsaws. So if you are short on money, but it just isn't Halloween until after someone has chased you with a chainsaw, this is the place for you.

But the real disappointment was that they didn't do anything with the haunted forest theme. There were strobe lights and such, but no real decorations to speak of. There was a roped off trail marked somewhat by spiderwebs and such, but sometimes marked with a line of laundry. A line of laundry? And then I wasn't sure where to go from the laundry area.

So it was only five bucks, but even for only five bucks I would have expected a few fake pumpkins, fake candles, fake skulls, etc.... And maybe a haunted forest should be haunted by wolves, or werewolves, or the headless horseman, and not just guys with chainsaws over and over again.

Did a mention that I hate chainsaws?

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dmarks said...

Glad you made it out.

As for me, so many haunted attractions, all of them missed this year due to illness.

Laundry, scary? I guess, when there are many loads of it to do.