Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm home

The beginning of the trip was spent in a nice motel that had an indoor pool and a hot tub and served hot breakfast every morning. After six times in the hot tub and eating bacon and eggs and waffles and such that I probably shouldn't have, I think that I got my money's worth from that motel, even if it had cable that sucked and no Sci Fi Channel.

Thursday was a beautiful day and made me wish that we could go out and do something. I'm afraid that all we did was good to lunch at Speedy Gonzalez. So that is my main regret about the first few days of the trip, that we went out to eat so much and spent too much money on restaurants. I expected to either eat really cheap stuff, or that I would be so sick that I would just stay in the room and eat soup. But we went out for a bit everyday, and then at some point convinced ourselves that we would feel better if we ate at some restaurant that we wandered by. A Chinese buffet, Goldies hamburgers, Mexican food, Pizza Hut, and on the way back a Watsonburger. Also there was several stops at Burger King and McDonald's while we were on the road and just needed to stop for a bit.

So we spent too much, even though my shopping was limited to a couple of things of yarn. And after one pretty good day, the rest of the week's sales sucked. So we really spent too much money.

While Thursday was beautiful, Friday was cold and wet and gray. It was not got picture taking weather at all. And then we got a motel that wasn't great. There might have been something a bit better ten miles up the road, but we decided that the driving conditions in the area were not worth it, and if the town's one motel looked okay that we would take it.

So we were driving along in middle of nowhere Oklahoma, and suddenly the road just sort of does this roller coaster bit. I realize that when I was a kid that we looked for places just such as this and asked the adults to drive really fast, but now that I'm the grown up driving really fast on such roads is the last thing that I want. There should be a really big sign warning people to slow down because the road just does this downhill thing that seems really too steep for normal driving. But neither of us remember such a sign, and nothing bad happened except to really scare me. Just really wasn't expecting it.

So we got to the motel and we asked for a king size bed, but I guess that the guy only heard one bed and not the size. Compared to what we've become used to, this bed was tiny. But it was a non-smoking room anyway, and there was nothing really wrong with the room, so we decided not to complain and kept it. This place had no breakfast, so it was off to McDonald's again. The cable was a bit better, but there was still no Sci Fi Channel.

And I got a scarf done, or at least, I got a scarf done except for the fringe. I've misplaced some yarn and will have to find some more sunflower before I can do the fringe. But it was good to at least do that, since the scarf will be someone's Christmas present, and I had let the time get away from me. I should have done this months ago.

So except for having no Sci Fi Channel and not liking other motel room that much, the trip wasn't too bad considering that we were both not feeling well to start with. We bought gas that was 1.72, so that made us feel all warm and fuzzy. On the drive home we saw a bald eagle, other birds of prey, a building that looked like a giant Dalek, a bunch of pelicans, a stack of bicycles that was maybe being made into a sculpture or a Christmas decoration, and some nice views of a lake.

So we're home, and it is good to be home. But I can't believe that I left the place in such a mess. Maybe I should have stayed. I know I was sick and wouldn't have felt like doing much work, but this just looks really bad. So now I'm debating should I get off my lazy butt and go to school, or should I stay here and try to get some work done and maybe go to school tomorrow?

Now I think that I will have a soak in my own bathtub and wash my hair.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Gas $1.72!!!!! Wow!!! I am loving that!

dmarks said...

It's down to $1.92 here, slowly going down. I hope you got a photo of the Dalek Building. Sounds odd.

Purple Pigeon said...

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