Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In case you were wondering about Thanksgiving

Okay, today is Tuesday. I remembered enough about what is supposed to be going on to get out of bed and such because I know that I'm supposed to be going to school today. But then I remembered that today is Tuesday, and on Tuesday (Tuesdays for this semester anyway) I don't go to school until lunch time or just a bit after. So there's no hurry to get up and such, but since I'm wide awake now I might as well get up and such anyway.

I was remembering what day it is on Thursday, and I was remembering that some of my regular readers aren't from this country. I don't think that they have Thanksgiving. Or, at least, I don't hear about it being a big deal in England. And they have Thanksgiving as a big deal in Canada, only that in Canada they have it on a different day, and if fact they have it in a different month and celebrate it before Halloween. I guess that they didn't want to risk everyone getting snowed in if they waited until November.

Anyway, maybe I should explain the tradition to the foreigners.

While it is called Thanksgiving dinner, my family and everyone else that I can think of really has Thanksgiving lunch. And the morning before the Thanksgiving lunch, you watch parades on TV, and possibly you don't eat much breakfast. You don't eat much breakfast to leave lots of room for turkey and stuffing and pie and such that you'll be having for lunch, which you hope will be around eleven or twelve or so, cause that is when you normally like to have lunch, and on this day of all days you don't want late lunch. But then not everyone you are having lunch with likes lunch that early, so they were maybe thinking twelve or twelve-thirty, and then of course things don't quite go as they planned either, and lunch ends up being at one or even a bit later.

Since you maybe haven't eaten much breakfast, and maybe breakfast was a long time ago anyway, you start eating crackers and nuts to keep from getting sick and fainting. If no one in your family cooks, or if you decided to try something different, you might be spending an hour or so in line at Luby's. If that is the case, you really need to plan ahead to keep from fainting.

Sometimes, you are still having lunch til about three in the afternoon. This is a bit weird if you normally eat dinner at five or six. Are you still supposed to eat dinner at five or six if you're having dessert from lunch at three? Or should you just talk for a bit and have another dessert and skip dinner?

Between all of this eating, if you're a man, you watch football.

Anyway, at some point you have a bit of leftovers and call it dinner. And all this eating makes one sleepy, so you either have a nap or you go to bed early. And that is a good thing, because the real reason for all if this eating is to give you stamina for the next day's Christmas shopping. The stores open at five am this year.


dmarks said...

"Between all of this eating, if you're a man, you watch football."

Drew Carey once said that after the meal, all the men in the country sit on the couch, loosen their pants and watch the Detroit Lions lose. This page shows a logo with a lion about to eat a turkey. In the case of the Detroit Lions, I think the turkey will eat the lion. They are so bad this year. I watch them some years, but probably not this time. Not to get into sports details, but the Lions have an 0-11 record, and are playing a 10-1 team.

I'm staying put this year. The dinner should be about 1 or so. Usually is.

I'd forgotten about Black Friday. It's a little different this year, having gotten all of the gadgets and not having the money this time around.

bulletholes said...

Yes, Thanksgiving is built around eating enough to keep you from fainting, long enough that the full force amount of food you have consumed on this, the most hungry of all days, will send you into a sort of suspended food stupor animation.
They should have done a Thanksgiving Star Trek, where Cap'n Kirk saves the ship by feeding, (what do they call them?)
oh yeah, Klingons, serving Klingons Celery Sticks and Deviled Eggs while Scotty and Spock figure a way to get a stunner/blaster/Photon Ray into a Turkey Leg.

Hey D-Marks!
Hey Laffin!
Ya'll have a great Holiday!
Romulan Ale for All!

dmarks said...

If the "Star Trek" episode were like a typical sitcom, they'd go into the banquet room to find out that the entire dinner had been replaced by its weight in tribbles.

If it is a Voyager episode, Neelix would have been the one to cook the dinner, and everyone would have sighed in relief that the tribbles had prevented the crew from eating his awful cooking.

As a Next Generation episode. the tribbles would have been smuggled in by Wesley Crusher as part of his science experiment. And Data ' n' Geordi would have been spending most of the show trying to track down the source of infrared radiation within the ship, only to find out that it is from the old-fashioned oven being used to cook the turkey.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

We usually eat around 5:00pm around my house...sometimes 6pm! My brothers have no concept of time.

GrizzBabe said...

Yeah, we say we're going to eat at noon but it always ends up being around 3pm.