Monday, November 10, 2008

Should I go to Tulsa?

So we decided that if we borrowed about a hundred dollars from my mom that we'd be able to use a credit card that we've be trying not to use for a while to pay for stuff on the Tulsa trip. That didn't seem so bad as borrowing enough money to pay for the whole trip. And we'll be able to pay her back on Friday, so that isn't a big deal either.

My husband came home Saturday with a cold and didn't feel up to doing anything yesterday. So I brought him soup and all of that and tried to make him feel better. So I didn't do anything yesterday except for washing a huge pile of laundry and watching a couple of hours of TV that I had recorded, and then last night I went to my brother's place to watch the last episodes of Stargate and Sanctuary that he'd recorded. I said something about the creatures looking like Furbies, and my brother didn't know what a Furby was. Who has not heard of Furbies?

You wouldn't think that doing laundry and running a few errands would make a person so tired, but I almost fell asleep at my brother's place while we were watching Stargate. And then right before I went home, I started to sneeze a bit.


Okay, I'm not a total baby, and I can handle a bit of sneezing. Now my throat hurts a bit. It is nothing serious yet, but yesterday my husband looked pretty bad. I'm guessing that I've caught a cold from him, and that in a few days I'm going to feel as bad as he did yesterday.

So now I'm trying to decide if I want to go to Tulsa as planned. I'm all packed. I've decided not to take the knitting machine, but I've got a bit of hand knitting to do that needs done before Christmas, and I can do that if I can just find a couple of skeins of claret, which should be at any Walmart between here and Tulsa. But if I'm getting a bad cold, and I'm going to spend a lot of time in bed being miserable, do I want to be in a motel room in Tulsa, or do I want to be in my own bed?

There are pros and cons to both. I would be more comfortable in my own bed, but motel beds come with cable TV. If I stay home, I'll have the place to myself, which means if I wake up in the middle of the night I can watch DVDs till I fall asleep again, but if I'm in Tulsa and not by myself, I'll have to try to be quiet and not wake my husband, who usually sleeps two or three hours later than me even when I'm not sick. The motel that we usually stay at in Tulsa has a hot tub, which would be nice, but there's no guaranty that we'd end up staying there. And then we have to pack up and move somewhere else on Friday.

My main concern is that if I'm going to get really sick from this I don't know when that would be, and I'm afraid that it will be on Friday when we need to move, or worse that it would be on Sunday when we drive back. The drive to Tulsa is not an unusually long or unpleasant one, but if I'm sick on Sunday it will really seem that way.

So I may not be here when you read this, as I have to take a bath now and have only about an hour to decide whether or not to go to Tulsa or just stay home.


dmarks said...

Hope you get better, and I hope you two do not have that awful cold that lasts for weeks. Two people at my house have that! I seem to be immune so far.

Maybe I am biased toward going to Tulsa (I'd go if I had a chance, as I want to go to Tulsa), but I'd say go. It's not like you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing. As you said, you would stay in the room and enjoy cable TV.

As for watching DVDs, if you don't have one of those little ones with the built-in screen, maybe your brother does and you can borrow it. With that and headphones, you can watch DVDs without bothering anyone. Probably not worth mentioning, because if you have gone already it is too late to do anything about that.

Take plenty of Vitamin C, eat that hot soup (you already know about that) and all that.

bulletholes said...

You may find tis a bit insulting, but I have never been able to finish watching 'Stargate" the movie with James Spader, not even once. i am usually asleep by the timer they go thru it the first time...its like eating Turkey or something and eeevennn writing a-bo-u-t i-t s-e-e-m-s to be havin-g a-a-a tranquilizzzzzzing efffect...
Hi laughing!

dmarks said...

The "Stargate" movie was not that hot, I agree, but the soundtrack music was among the best of the era.

"Stargate" is one of those movies that is not highly regarded, like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", but it ended up inspiring a TV series that is much better and better realized.

So, if you don't like "Stargate" the movie, don't let that turn you off from the TV shows and the TV-show related movies.