Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stuff that I missed while I was in Tulsa

In the real world I missed out on a few things, besides the usual I should have been at home sorting through the junk and I should have gone to school a couple of days, etc....

For years and years we had a local movie theater, and then the movie theater got old and went out of business, and then the building was used for various other things. That is something that rather makes me just a little bit sad, that old movie theaters are not movie theaters anymore and are often used as other things that don't really need to be in old movie theaters. I hate that old theaters became places to play bingo and such. If an old movie theater has to become something other than a movie theater, I wish that they didn't leave it looking like it used to be a movie theater, and I wish that it would be something that the people using it really like using an old theater and have use for the chairs being set up that way and everything like that, and not that it was just cheaper to use the old theater than to get some other more regular building.

I suppose that the best use of an old movie theater is to make it into a live theater. I have seen other places where an old movie theater is repaired and people go there to see live plays or magic acts or talent shows. So that is what has finally been done with our old movie theater here. Not that I plan to see a bunch of plays, or even that I plan to see any plays, but it's good that the local people who want to watch plays can now watch them in a building that is set up for lots of people to watch something. And it is a much better use of the building than converting it into a bank or a place to play bingo.

While I was away they had a bit of a re-opening ceremony, and the public was invited in for free to look at the renovations and to see a film about the history of the building and what they plan to do with it in the near future. So I would have liked have seen that, but I wasn't here. And I hadn't heard that it was going to happen, so I don't know for sure that I would have heard about it in time to go anyway. But some other people went, and maybe they would have thought to give me a call, except that they already knew that I was in Tulsa.

I missed a club meeting. I guess that I didn't realize that I was going to miss a meeting until the night before I left. I was somehow thinking that it was the next weekend. Oh well, that's okay. I don't guess that I've cancelled other trips because of club meetings and if I'd have had more time to think I probably wouldn't have cancelled this trip for this meeting either. Still, it is annoying that I've missed the November meeting. The November meeting is the last chance that I would have of casually mentioning such things as what I plan to get K for Christmas do you think that she'll like that and I don't have a clue what to get S does anyone have an idea? Not that I can't just call other people and ask, but I would rather have done that at the meeting and not make a big deal out of it. Also, at the November meeting we usually remind everyone of the official gift exchange and work out what some of the rules are, and then there is usually a bit of talk about the Adopt-A-Family project, though unfortunately we never seem to actually have a specific family until much later. So that stuff would have been nice to hear about, and I missed it.

And I missed watching a friend demonstrate chemical glass etching such as you can do with stuff you buy from Hobby Lobby. Not that I plan to do any such thing myself for a while, and not that the friend really needed me to be in attendance for moral support as there were plenty of others there for that. But I would have liked to have seen it anyway.

Interesting things happened in the blog world as well.

People have lost jobs. Now, one or two of these people were people who don't deserve to have nice jobs anyway, but unfortunately this sort of thing happens to good people too, one in particular that I can think of. I'm sure that will happen to a lot of people that I like before things get better.

Other bloggers live in California and are watching fire get closer to their homes. I'm sure that is a lot of fun.

There used to be this idiot blogger that I read for fun anyway, and she was into weird sex and all sorts of things of that nature. Anyway, I figured if she was dumb enough to write the details of this stuff, then it's her own fault if some of us read and make fun of her. She would write about having sex with someone that she hadn't known very long, and she would write about worrying about STDs, and she would write about having threesomes and such. But the baffling thing about all this is that she would then cry about how she could never find that one special person who would love her and only her. Like she's going to find someone special who loves only her while she's out f***ing everyone else who smiles at her. At some point, she deleted her blog, and we couldn't read about this stuff anymore. However, she is friends with another blogger, and we occasionally read something about her in the other blog. So a few years ago, this girl went to a party were everyone has sex with everyone else, right there at the party with an audience. And she thought it was just a party were everyone makes out with everyone else, not actually has sex. So after a while, she's a bit uncomfortable, cause people are having fun having sex and she doesn't want to have sex with anyone in front of everyone. And the other people at the party convince her that having sex isn't required and that she should stay anyway, which she does, but she's still a bit uncomfortable. So this silly girl now invites the other blogger to this same kind of party. Not that this other blogger wants to have sex in front of other people either. But what was the point of inviting someone to that kind of party if the first time you went you were uncomfortable? This doesn't seem the best place to meet people, if they are into things that you are not comfortable with. Anyway, the other blogger was okay with it and didn't have sex with anyone, but at most I think this was a waste of an evening, just to go and be able to say that you've been to this kind of party but decided it wasn't your kind of thing.

There's another blogger whom I actually care about who posted something about her sex life. And I thought that it was just awful, and I'm probably going to do a whole post about such things and won't go into it much here. But it just makes me wonder why people keep doing that sort of thing when it doesn't make them happy. Now I know that there are other bloggers who have written about that same thing, but those people were quite happy with what they had done. Now I don't see how you can be a decent human being and be happy like that, but some people are. But I don't understand why the people who aren't happy just keep doing the same thing.

And one other thing happened on my blog. Someone left me a comment on a post I wrote last year, talking a little bit about the question of what is art? Unfortunately, the woman was a blogless blogger, so that was kind of the end of it. It would have been interesting to see what she might have written about similar things.


dmarks said...

" I hate that old theaters became places to play bingo and such."

Our two downtown theatres closed so many years ago. One of them became a split-level office building, still with a marquee. You can sort of tell it was a theatre. I suppose that is the type of thing you don't like.

The other had different plans kicking around for a while, and finally someone with deep pockets was able to make the plans become reality, and that is Michael Moore's State Theatre. I missed the grand re-opening of that, though.

There is one called the Garden Theatre over in Frankfort. Not used for a long time, but nicely mothballed and unchanged. It looks like, inspired by the State Theatre, they will now do something with that.

Then there is one they built way out in the middle of no-where. That one is now a "dinner theatre" where you can live revues. But it is still in the middle of nowhere.

Then I think of one theatre (I can't even remember the name now) that was in the middle of a supermarket parking lot. I have the most memories of that place due to many high-school era dates. Now there is no evidence that there was a threatre there: just more parking.

bulletholes said...

Hi laughing!
its probably a good thing i don't have much of a sex life because I would probably post the shit out of it!
i need to remember what you said ghere in case I ever have sex again...thats really funny...