Saturday, November 08, 2008

More sales stuff

Target now has clearance Halloween stuff at 90% off, though at most of them all that is left is candy corn.

Also my nearest Walmart has Halloween stuff at 75% off, though I think that clearance sales at Walmarts are different from store to store, so it may not be 75% off at your store yet, or that might have happened at your store days ago and the stuff is all gone now. It is also 75% off Halloween stuff at Kroger's and Tom Thumb, except for candy, which is only 50% off. And Albertson's has stuff marked off, if there is any left, but again that varies from store to store, but the stuff I bought was 75% off or less.

I bought too much stuff as usual, but I only regret spending about ten dollars or so, most of which went to pirate boot covers that I'll probably never wear.

I'm about shopped out for the season. That is, I won't be going to any more sales unless I have to be in the store for something else, and the clearance stuff just jumps out in front of me.

1 comment:

dmarks said...

Pirate boots always need covers, because we know that parrots are not house-trained.

I can eat 3 or 4 kernels of candy corn before I start to feel ill. I think it is the candle wax they are full of.