Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're in Tulsa

This might have been a mistake, but we're here. The business with the credit card and waiting on a check to clear and all of that is resolved now, but it was a bit annoying earlier this week. We're in the motel that we like with the hot tub and the bacon for breakfast and all of that. But I forgot that the cable here sucks. There's only about twenty channels, and none of them are the Sci Fi Channel. But we do have HBO, so we watched True Blood last night.

I'm afraid that I spent most of yesterday asleep, or at least I was nearly asleep. But it is nice to have the hot tub when I wake up. Later we'll probably do a bit of shopping and go to lunch. Tomorrow we might go to lunch with some people my husband works with.

We've been to Tulsa a number of times, and we used to go up I-35 to Oklahoma City and then on to Tulsa on 1-44. But on the map that looks out of the way, and you could just go up 75 which is more like going straight there. Except that 75 is not a freeway all the way there, and somehow we always seem to miss a turn off near McAllister. Seriously, we seem to get lost at the same place every time that we go to Tulsa on 75, even when we are talking about how we got lost there last time, and then we get lost again.

So we're going to McAllister, and that's a good place to stop and get out for a bit, so we go to Walmart or something and pick up a few things. And then we get back on the road, and we notice that we're still on 69, and 69 and 75 are the same road for a while, but now we don't seem to be on 75 anymore. So we've missed it again, at about the same place that we always do. Except that this time we've noticed it sooner than usual, so we just turn around and head back to the Walmart. And then we notice that that part of 75 that we're going to get on is a toll road. I hate that there are toll roads all over Oklahoma and Kansas, even some on Interstates, and Interstates really should not be toll roads. So we're going to have to go back to the Walmart and get some money out to pay the toll.

Only then we remember that we don't have enough money in any of the accounts to take out twenty dollars. This is a bit annoying. We don't use cash money for much of anything anymore, except that we have to remember to take out cash for the occasional thing like lotto tickets and toll roads. I would think that toll roads would be taking cards by now, but I don't know that they are, so I'd rather just avoid them for now.

So then we turn around and go back the way we were and make our usual forty mile detour that we usually make when we get lost, only this time we're making it cause we don't know if toll booths take credit cards.

So Mapquest says that you should be able to get from home to Tulsa in a bit over four hours, but we never get there in anything close to four hours. Part of that is stopping for lunch, and part of that is stopping other places for gas and coffee and such. Forty miles of that is getting lost in the same place every time we make the trip. And a hour and a half of that is just trying to get out of twenty miles or so of DFW, depending on time of day and how bad the traffic is.

I'm not having a bad time, and I have a cold but I don't feel terrible most of the time. But I probably should have stayed home. It is wet and grey here, and the main thing that we wanted to do this trip was take pictures of a dam north of here on Friday, and it doesn't look like the weather is going to be good for sightseeing on Friday.

It's not a bad trip at all, just nothing special about it if the weather is bad on Friday. I'm not getting much knitting done, and at this rate I would have gotten just as much done if I had stayed home.

I just really don't understand how we have gotten lost at the same place on the same drive three times in a row. We should just give up and go the long way around, which somehow ends up being faster.

Of course, we still wouldn't have had any cash for the toll booth....


Patience said...

For me, WalMart is one of the best store for shopping.

dmarks said...

Yes, but you can't use a credit card to pay for road tolls at Walmart, can you?