Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100 degrees

Should be the high today, for the first time this year. So it is unpleasantly hot, and it mostly stay that way probably until sometime in September. So I should put the gardening stuff away, except for watering the plants and such.

Unfortunately, there is still some work left to do, just on finishing up the recent project. And of course the grass will still need to be cut and all of that. My husband is out now doing just that, as he meant to do that earlier this week but had to go and get more stuff for the weedwacker before he could finish.

And I wish that it would rain at least once before I put the mulch over the bulbs I transplanted, but I'm afraid that it isn't going to. I will just have to water it and hope that the soil has settled as much as it is going to and go ahead with the mulch. If I wait til we have a good rain the bed will probably get filled with weeds.

My husband has had some interest in his new business venture, and he is all excited. I am a bit suspicious of the whole thing. Supposedly, this person wants to hire him for something they plan to do twice a year, and then she wants to recommend him to all of her friends.

So that is very nice, except that it sounds a bit much from someone he has never met before. I can see hiring him once and if it all works out hiring him to come back twice a year after that, and then recommending him to everyone else, but she just sounds so happy about the whole thing that she wants to do all that already.

It is just me, or is that weird?

Anyway, just in case this does turn into a real job, he has a lot to do. And then he has to figure out when he and the other guy can do the job and do they need to take time off from their regular jobs and so forth.

I do not feel as bad as I did Sunday and Monday, but I am still very tired and such for having done almost no work.


Ananda girl said...

I glad you are feeling better.

He does sound excited about his job venture. It sounds scary to me with unemployment so high, but let's hope he got lucky and caught a good wave.

Most things scare me anyway.

Stay cool.

dmarks said...

There are some jobs that are recession-proof, or even jobs that thrive and grow in this economic environment.

"Weird" you asked? Could be. Or too good to be true. If he can proceed, without getting his or your hopes up, without risky or wasteful financial investment, and without risking his current job, I think it's worth looking into. But only then, that's my view.