Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last night we had a bit of excitement

Yesterday I worked on my current garden project on and off until about four, which is at least four hours more than normal. But I had a lot of work to make up for, since the ground has been too wet to do much since Wednesday. And I know that it was just terribly hot, but it didn't seem as hot as the day before, so I just kept working.

Problems come up when you work in the heat like that. Even with taking so many breaks that I end up spending just as much time watching television as I do working, that still seems like a lot of work to me, and you get hot and you sweat.

And I ended up with a painful itchy backside.

So later we went to dinner and KFC, and after that we watched True Blood, and I found being in the seated position most uncomfortable. We tried watching some more stuff after True Blood, but I decided that I liked the lying down position much better, so I went in the other room, even though there was no new TV to watch. So I maybe fell asleep a bit sooner than usual, but not by much.

At about two in the morning, there seemed to be someone going from house to house to bang on a window or something, and then running away. The dogs would bark at them a bit, but there wasn't like anyone yelling fire or anything. So I thought it was a prank and tried to go back to sleep.

The knock at the window was repeated, and this time it woke up my husband.

The last time anyone knocked on our door or window at two in the morning, it was at a motel, and it turned out to be a crazy person. So I was still thinking that I should just try to go back to sleep. If it was a fire or an emergency of some kind, we would hear yelling and such outside.

My husband had a look out the window. He said there was a mob of people outside.

A mob of people? Like in Frankenstein?

Anyway, there were a lot of people outside, mostly neighbors, and a few people who worked there.

So my husband gets dressed and goes outside, and he doesn't wait for me to get dressed and go with him. Then he comes back in and says that a tree has fallen on my car.

Not really, but that's what he said.

It isn't flattened or anything, but there's a big tree branch on the car and they want you to drive the car a few spaces down. So I figure that maybe it doesn't look that bad if they just expect me to get in the car and drive it away.

As it turns out, the branch didn't actually fall on the car, but is just right up next to the car, and there are only leaves and twigs and such actually touching the car. So I am able to push some of this stuff out of my way and get in the car and drive it up a few spaces. No problem. But I had to move the car because between my car on the other side of the street and the branch in the road on my side of the street, no one can drive by.

I'm not sure who found this out at two in the morning, but somebody did.

So after I move my car one of the workers drives his truck around, and they try to pull the branch out of the way. It doesn't work. They try a couple of times, but either parts of the branch break off or the rope breaks.

One of the guys says that they will just have to leave it and call someone to do it in the morning. They don't know if the office will pay or if we will get charged for it, since the branch came off of our tree.

I said that when I moved in I was told that if there was threat of damage or something like that the office paid, but if I just wanted tree limbs or trees removed for some other reason that I had to pay. I think having the branch blocking half of the road is one of those things that they are supposed to pay for, but we'll see what happens.

There is one of our guys out there now trying to fix it himself. But for some reason he isn't using a chainsaw. He has some other saw, and he's getting a lot of it cleared away, but it is taking a long time.

I hardly got any sleep last night. My back is sore from the gardening yesterday, and I don't think that I am up to doing much of it today. But my backside feels much better.

Still, I would like to call it a day and just go back to bed.


dmarks said...

I know about those Frankenstein mobs. I recently saw 5 of the main old Frankenstein movies, and the mobs rampaged in every one.

I remember one guy in one of the mobs weilding a farmer's scythe. Seemed kind of odd, and a rather flimsy weapon. I guess he hoped to threaten to harvest the monster's wheat.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

That is a bit of excitement.

Ananda girl said...

My goodness. Stuff like that freaks me out and I can't sleep after that.

It does sound like you got a lot of work done. No wonder you are sore.

It wasn't that long ago, it seems, that we were waiting for summer to arrive. I guess it's here where you are.

dmarks said...

Last thing I had like that was a crew of cable guys with bright floodlights who decided, unannounced, to dig a hole in the yard at 2 AM.

At least they said they were cable guys. It reminded me of that bit in one of the early seasons of "Prison Break" where they had to dig for buried treasure under a subdivision garage floor or something like that.