Monday, June 08, 2009

I guess God just doesn't want me to go to Greek restaurants

A couple of months ago, my husband and someone he works with were talking about something to do with their new business venture. And they had something that they were going to do in May that was in a city on the other side of Dallas. And then they were saying that when they finished they should go and have this nice lunch at this Mediterranean place that the other guy liked. And then I was invited to go with them. There was no reason that I should go to this thing, they just thought that I would like to go to lunch with them afterwards. We could either go to this place that the other guy liked, or if the wait was too long, we could go to this little Greek restaurant near a place that my husband had worked recently.

So I sort of agreed, depending on what day it was. And they told me that it was on a certain Sunday. Great, unless I had to do something with my friends to get ready for the Star Trek movie, I would like to go to lunch with them.

The Saturday before this was supposed to happen, the guy calls back and says that he got the dates mixed up, and the date for all of this was the next Sunday.

The next Sunday was Mother's Day. So of course I could not go with them. Besides the fact that it was Mother's Day and I would be going to eat lunch with my mother, I had all this stuff to do that weekend for the Star Trek movie.

So that was the first time I didn't go to the Greek restaurant.

A few weeks later, my husband and this guy were talking, and again they had something to do, and they discussed a day and such. And again my husband said that I should go with him, that it probably wouldn't that long, and again this should put them on the other side of Dallas near this Greek restaurant that my husband liked. So again I agreed to go.

So on the day that they are supposed to meet, the guy calls and he has to do something in Irving, and could my husband meet him there instead?

So that was the second trip to the Greek restaurant cancelled.

The other guy had to go out of town for about three weeks for his regular job. While he was gone, my husband has been working on their little business plan without him. And he had to deliver a package and pick up a check, and again it was at the place near this little Greek restaurant that my husband liked. My husband has had the week off from his regular job, and he could have delivered this package whenever, except that the people getting the package didn't return his calls. I think maybe they were waiting for the other guy to call them, until they figured out that he was gone for three weeks. So they finally call back and to say that someone would be available to receive the package and write out a check at three on Sunday.

So my husband and I plan a late lunch at this little Greek restaurant, and we leave at about one.

And we get to the restaurant, and they have closed for the day to do a little painting and such.

So that was the third planned trip to the restaurant, and we drove all that way and ended up eating at the Mexican restaurant next door.

I give up.


Ananda girl said...

Yikes! That one was just not meant to be. Maybe the food would have upset your system. Maybe you should take it as a good thing and don't tempt fate.

dmarks said...

I was at a Greek restaurant once. It is a very famous one in Chicago. I think it was the Pegasus, but I am not sure now.

I had the flaming cheese and all. I don't remember the food other than the flaming cheese.

A colleague of mine and I walked halfway across Chicago to get there. What I thought was a little funny was when we got in there, the other guy was saying that it was probably a place that nobody local ate in.

I looked behind him, and then told him to turn around and look at the wall plastered with signed photos from Oprah, Roger Ebert, Michael Jordan, and other famous Chicagoans.

Well, I guess people fro Chicago really did like to eat there, after all.

Ananda girl said...

dmarks-- Flaming cheese! You can imagine how that comes out in my head when connected with cutting the cheese. lol (I know, mentally I'm still in middle school.)

bulletholes said...

hi laffin1 I went and got First Contact at your suggestion. it got a little tedious in the middle, but any movie that quotes moby Dick and then plays some Steppenwolf all inside of 5 minutes has got to be OK. I can't wait to watch it again, so my question is...what should i watch for, and do the borgs appear in a previous episode.
I'd never herard of a borg before. That one, she was kinda hot.