Friday, June 05, 2009

Land of the Lost movie and other crap

Tuesday I went and voted in our little community elections. It is a little thing, but the past few years it has created some drama. Anyway, I go in, and a nice old couple is there. And the lady asks for my address and my name, and she apologizes for taking a minute to find me, and says something about it being different than last year and it is just taking her longer to find people. But she does find me, and I sign next to my name. She doesn't ask for my ID or anything. The old man then hands me a pen and a ballot. There are nine names, with three names on each line, and on each line you circle one name. Or, as I have done in the past when people did not send me enough flyers to make a decision, you could just skip a line and not vote for anybody in that spot. I suppose that you could skip all three lines and not vote for anyone, but there are plenty of people doing that just by staying home. There are only three hundred people who can vote, and I'm betting that at least half of them stayed home.

So I circled a name on the first line, cause that was the only one of those three who sent me a flyer. And a circled a name on another line, cause that was the only one of those three who sent me a flyer. But on the third line I had to think for a minute, cause two of the three had sent me flyers, and I had to think did I want the guy who was already there or the new guy. And in the end, not knowing either of them, I went with the one who actually said something specific that he wanted to do if he got elected, even if it wasn't something I was that interested in. But I know that other people are interested, and at least this guy was saying he was going to do something, while the other guy just wrote about who he was and how long he had lived there and didn't say anything specific he wanted to do, just that he would try to do a good job.

And then you fold the ballot and put it in this little wooden box that is locked.

So that all sounds simple enough.

Yesterday I got a note on the door saying that one or more of the candidates had complained that the election procedures were not followed correctly, and to be fair to all of them there would be a totally new election on a date next month.

I cannot imagine what election procedures were not followed correctly. Maybe there were supposed to ask for my ID, but they never have in the past. And we don't have election machines or butterfly ballots to confuse people. I would think this is all simple enough. You circle one name on a line. If there isn't clearly one name circled on a line, don't count it and move on to the next one.

So I don't get what is going on, but we have to vote again.

The long dreaded Land of the Lost movie opens today.

It is a sad thing. Some of us waited ten years for a Land of the Lost movie, only to have the project taken over and ruined by Will Ferrell.

Will Ferrell will not be getting any of my money. I can only hope that this movie will lose tons of money, and that the rights will then be sold to someone else who will do a good job of it and make a serious movie instead of a comedy.

I have been reminded that this actually happened in the case of The Incredible Hulk.

My original plan was to buy a movie ticket for Star Trek or some other movie that I liked playing at the same theater as Land of the Lost, just so I could know for sure that it was as bad as I think that it is and warn everyone else not to see it, but right now I don't think that I am going to bother. Other people have already seen it and tried to warn everyone away. Maybe people will listen, or maybe they won't.

Anyway, I think that I am just too upset about it to go and see it today. And I have some serious work to do in the garden, and I cannot waste my time going to see Will Ferrell instead.


Ananda girl said...

I think the thing that bothers me the most... beside the fact that it's Will F in that there doesn't seem to be a family. The whole plot was dependent on the family. How can you not have the kids?

Or am I wrong?

Ananda girl said...

Oops... I forgot to tell you that my vote was contested in the last big election. Why? Because my town re-addressed my home. My home sits in the exact same spot where it has sat for over twenty years.

They built a new big upscale housing tract above my house on the hill. 90% of these homes are still empty because of the housing crash, but they are there. So the city decided that it would be easier for the emergency services to find people if they re-assigned us new house numbers. They sent me a letter telling me my new number. I changed all my important things... driver's license, etc.

Only the DMV never sent me my sticker that goes on the back of my license and frankly, I forgot all about it. So my license address did not match my ballot, which is made up by our city. Geez... it was very annoying. I didn't move anywhere.

I had to go to the court house and fill out a form and prove where I lived and explain why my address was messed up. It did not feel worth the trouble. And well, I'm kind of sorry I voted. Grumble.

dmarks said...

This movie will probably make the 1990s remake TV show look real good in comparison.

That show DID get the family aspect right, and had no Ferrell.

Enik1138 said...

If you're interested in Land of the Lost, you might want to visit my fan site with coverage of both versions of the TV series and the movie.