Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm having a problem with the heat

You probably guessed that already. But it didn't bother me that much when I was younger. It bothered me to be in a car without an air conditioner, and it bothered me if the heat got so bad that it messed up my hair and makeup, but other than that I was used to it. What bothered me was the cold, and I would wear sweaters all the time, and I even took sweaters with me everywhere in the summer in case I might end up somewhere that I thought the air conditioner was on too high.

It only started to bother me maybe the last year we were in the apartment. My husband complained about it all the time. I think he got spoiled by our two summers up north. I still didn't think it was that big of a deal. We only had the one air conditioner in the apartment, and I just thought that if got worse we could just move the bed into the other room, and that would fix that.

I think that it is mostly just getting old. Things that used to just be part of life now bother me a lot. I still don't see the point in complaining about it all the time. I live in Texas, where it is rarely cold most of the time, and the thing that goes with the mild winter is the very hot summer.

When you are older and have money, you can be a snowbird. You can live in Texas in the winter and move up north for the summer. But I don't have money, and even if I had money I am only in my forties, and I think most snowbirds are at least in their sixties.

I have started wearing a tank top and shorts. You might not think this is a big deal. It is summer in Texas, and everyone is wearing a tank top and shorts. But I usually don't. I haven't liked my legs since I was a teenager, and except for around the house I mostly stopped wearing shorts out in public before that. And now I don't much care for my arms either, so the tank top is usually out too. Not that I wouldn't wear them in the house, or out in the garden, but the garden work is mostly over for now, and if I'm that hot in the house I don't have to wear any clothes at all if I don't want to.

But the thing is that I've started to wear the tank tops and shorts out in public. I did that twice last week. I haven't done that on purpose in maybe twenty-five years.

And it is very annoying that I'm not getting any work done. It is annoying enough when I have to say that I have to stop working in the garden until further notice, but then all this stuff that didn't get done in the house while I was gardening is still not getting done now, because I just feel too bad to do work even in the mostly cool house.

And then there are currently parts of the house that aren't cool at all. But there is still work to be done there. I have decided that the work must get done anyway, and that the best thing to do is to find something to be done in that part of the house and schedule the work from eight til ten in the morning, before it gets too warm.

So yesterday I got up to do that. And I got a bit of a late start, and then by the time I was done with breakfast and such it was past eight thirty and I had yet to do any work. So then I started working, and already I didn't feel like doing anything. But I tried to get something done anyway. Then I remembered that it was Saturday, and I should take out the trash before I did anything else. And then I needed the broom after I took out the trash.

And then I just could not find the broom. It wasn't with the mop. I cannot think why it would not be with the mop, but I looked around for it and just did not see it anywhere.

Okay, so it is going to make me nuts trying to clean anything and not having a broom, so I quickly give up and decide to go to the dollar store and get another one. (In the dollar store I end up buying a broom and eight other things, none of the eight other things being cleaning supplies, and while I probably needed some of that stuff I probably shouldn't have bought three things of lipstick.) So by the time I got back from the store it was nearly ten anyway, so that was it for trying to do any work in that part of the house, and I didn't really attempt any work in any other part of the house either.

Since today is Sunday, I probably won't get any work done in the hours from eight to ten. On Sunday it is our tradition to watch Sunday Morning. This is the main adult thing that I do. This is the closest thing to a news program that I watch on a regular basis. And it comes on at eight, so I will probably watch that maybe while I am eating breakfast, and so I will do that and not do any work this morning. Of course I suppose that I could just tape the thing and watch it later, but I probably won't do that.

So tomorrow I am going to schedule some work to do from eight til ten in the morning....


Ananda girl said...

I hate the heat, but I have since I was about 20. Once I moved away from the heat for 8 years to the cold and then back again, I cannot tolerate it at all.

I drag a fan with me everywhere... aim it right at me. I also have a good air conditioner.

The heat makes us desperate. I too hate my arms and legs, but decided I'd rather make my neighbors cringe than suffer. Mostly I stay in unless it's early morning in the summer.

dmarks said...

We get snowbirds here, but they almost always come from Florida. And go back to Florida.

I've never known of any snowbirds from such places as Arizona or Texas. But we have had oil-industry migrants from Texas. I guess they would be oilbirds, not snowbirds. They come and go depending on how the oil industry goes.

Good that you got a broom. You can't be a Harry Potter witch without one, right?

I've not seen the CBS Sunday Morning show for years. I remember Charles Osgood, and before him Charles Kuralt. They always had cool sun-related artwork they showed around the time of commercials.

Ananda girl said...

That's funny... snow birds. Where I live the older people do go to Arizona to winter! We thought of them as sun birds. Ha. Isn't that funny?

dmarks said...

I've known one or two Alabama snowbirds, too. One of them told me that he was liking the Alabama places less and less because there were more and more black people around. Not the best attitude.

dmarks said...

high of 64 degrees today.

laughingattheslut said...

We almost had rain today. Maybe later.

dmarks said...

Cold and wet now. At least it is good sleeping weather, and we keep putting off installing the AC for the summer. But the weather is really kind of depressing.