Friday, June 19, 2009

The end of the drama

Perhaps. For this year, anyway.

So, as you know from the last post my little community recently had an election for three seats on our board of directors. And all three people who were on the board running for re-election lost, and one of them demanded a new vote based on the fact that a new rule wasn't followed. And the three new people who claimed that they had rightful won the election went out and got a lawyer to draft a letter threatening to sue the three guys not wanting to leave office, the president of the board, and perhaps our little community in general.

Or we could just let them have the board seats that they were probably elected to anyway.

The board sought legal advice, and while it is true that the new rule was not correctly followed, no one seriously thinks this resulted in any type of fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election. Really, the only point of having a new election was if they thought that someone had taken out the ballots and changed the votes, making it look like the new people won when they hadn't. And no one really thought that anyone did that. So there was really no point in having a second election if there was no fraud.

So there was a special board meeting to vote on whether or not to have this second election. Only board members who did not have a seat in dispute were allowed to vote, so there were an even number of voting board members. There was a tie. So the president of the board had the tie-breaking vote, and it was decided not to have a second election.

The three new guys were so happy that they made copies of some of this and taped them to everybody's doors yesterday. They added a paper inviting everyone to this meet and greet thing, with cake and soda, to be followed by a crimewatch meeting.

There was no date on the invitation, so we thought that they meant yesterday.

So several of us drove to the office and a couple of us walked over to see what was going on. Only it was after five, and the office people had gone home. I would have at least thought that they would have left a note on the door saying that this wasn't the day and telling us what day it was. But, no.

I did find other paperwork saying that there was a crimewatch meeting at the end of the month. Possibly we were just supposed to remember when the crimewatch meeting was and not show up yesterday.

One lady was particularly upset at having to rush around to get there on time, and it wasn't even the right day. She suggested that we leave them a note.

Yes, I said. They owe us cake and sodas.

So the lady took out her invite, which did not mention a date, and wrote out a complaint and said that we had been there and they had not. And she signed the thing and I signed the thing, and then she gave me some tape and I went and put it on the office door.

Then the poor lady had the unfortunate business of listening to her car not start.

But five minutes later, all was well again, and she went home. The other people there also drove home, and I walked back the way I came.

I saw one of my neighbors and asked if she also got the confusing invite.

She said she got the same confusing invite, but she found it before the office people went home for the day and called to get the date.

I wonder if people will remember this three years from now, when the guys who invited us over for cake and sodas have to run for re-election.

Anyway, the drama of the community election is over now, for another year at least.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I forgot about this blog, sorry.

I would definitely write this stuff down, then when reelection time comes, swift-boat the hell out of them. TV ads, billboards, flyers and powerful speeches. OK, maybe a little excessive for a community election.

dmarks said...

Offering a cake and soda meet-and-greet is a great way to try to repair relations in that little community. Blowing it like this: a big boo-boo.

AlienCG: Robo-calls. Don't forget the robo-calls.

Ananda girl said...

That is just terrible... double terrible if I think about it being chocolate cake!

People will remember this. They are hardly in office and already breaking their promises.

laughingattheslut said...

Well, Alien, stuff happens. Other people read our blogs and then we read their blogs, etc.... And then stuff happens in your life, or stuff happens in their lives, and your blog changes, and their blogs change, and you decide that you don't have hours and hours to spend doing this stuff anyway, etc....

So while no one cares what you had for lunch, that has become my blog. It seems more like a regular diary now, with myself being the main reader. I can look back and see when was the last time that I went out of town and how much time I've put into gardening this year and so forth. I don't have time to write about all the selfish people who have screwed up my life. And I don't rush home after every moron I run into so that I can blog about it (though I did do a Monday Morons this week, it just isn't something I have to do every week). And I've decided that I can't spend hours doing the Freaky Friday thing anymore. So my readership had dropped, and I spent less time on the computer, and less time reading other people's blogs, so my readership dropped even more. I'm trying to get up and do things things that need to get done.

And it is sort of a different blog now. I come here, I maybe vent a bit, I write down sort of what is going on without getting too personal, and then I go do something else. I don't sit here all day. I don't waste a lot of time (though I admit I still waste some time) keeping up with what slut is f**king X number of guys and so forth. In fact, most of my Internet time is probably spent on Hulu and Youtube watching TV shows I haven't seen in years while I wait for the washing machine or while I wait for paint to dry and so forth, and rest periods in between trying to do something useful.

So you probably forgot about this blog because maybe sometimes it just doesn't seem like the same blog.