Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday now, right?

My husband has had the last week and a half off, without pay, and we didn't have anything to speak of in savings either. So when you have a week and a half off, and you should be off on a trip or something, we have been at home most of the time, except for maybe seeing a couple of movies.

So we have spent some time together. And then there's been time just sort of being in each other's way, or at least, trying to stay out of each other's way.

Until Tuesday, I had a certain garden project to keep me busy. But it is June in Texas, and it is hot, though it is not as hot as it is going to get. So I go outside in the morning, and my first thought is actually something like it is too cool for my liking, and that I should go back inside. But a bit of actual work cures me of thinking that it isn't warm enough. And of course the rest of the day is plenty warm.

But I can't do very much work all at once, even in the morning when it is somewhat cool. I go outside and dig or something for maybe half an hour, and then I go back inside and watch TV for between ten minutes or an hour. Only there isn't anything to watch on TV. There isn't even anything that I taped on TV the night before. So instead of watching TV on the TV, I'm watching something on Hulu or YouTube or something like that on the computer.

Anyway, about half of the time this works out just fine. My husband bought a new laptop, and he has been in the other room doing photoshop stuff and other such stuff, and sometimes playing a computer game, and he's half watching some new music video channel that we now have because of the digital TV thing. So that is mostly okay. Except the laptop isn't hooked up to the Internet, and sometimes he needs the Internet. And sometimes when I am halfway through watching something I go outside and dig in the dirt, and then I come back in the house to find him on this computer, and I have to wait for him to do whatever it is that he's doing before I can go back to doing what I was doing. And there is nothing for me to do except wait. If there was something else for me to do, I wouldn't be using the computer in the first place.

Sometimes he is actually doing something that needs to be done, like checking the company website to make sure his schedule didn't change. Or sometimes he is downloading something. But usually he is either blogging (which he could mostly do on a different computer and then copy what he wrote on a disk) and sometimes he is doing other stuff like Twitter. Now, he knows how much this sort of thing annoys me, and we have had discussions about it, and as soon as we will have a discussion about it he do it even more and find yet another website to annoy me with, so I have stopped speaking to him on the subject. He knows how I feel about it, he knows he isn't supposed to do it, and he does it anyway.

Anyway, I especially do not see the point of Twitter. Besides the fact that I don't like him talking to a zillion people that I don't know, Twitter itself is pointless. It makes no damned sense. It isn't organized the way that a blog is or the way that other websites are. Twitter is just this endless stream of comments, and you can't tell what the comment is in relation to. It's just a bunch of random comment that aren't filed under anything except for who wrote it and whom it was written to.

Anyway, it was Tuesday, and I was digging a hole in the ground. And Tuesday I was quite serious about digging the hole in the ground, but it was hot. And so I would work on it until just before lunch and then have a bath. And then after lunch it would be hotter than it was in the morning, and after having a bath and getting clean clothes on, I'm not so much in a hurry to go out and get dirty again. So we maybe do something else for a few hours. Like we have been watching the Prisoner. So we maybe run a few errands and then come back and watch a few episodes of the Prisoner. And then maybe I go back to working in the garden and watching stuff on Hulu, and he goes back to his computer game.

So that is how it was for most of a week or so, maybe getting a lot done one day and not so much the next. So Tuesday I did a lot of work, enough that I was starting to see some progress. And Wednesday I got up and planned to do a lot work that day too. And in the morning I did do a lot of work. And after doing some work, my husband comes out and says that we should go for a walk, and I agreed.

But I'm afraid that going for a walk right after I had worked for a bit tired me out, and so I had a bath a couple of hours before lunch, and I didn't really get back to it. It was so nice to be clean, and I wanted to stay clean for a bit. I found other things to do, like washing dishes.

Now I really wish that I had done more work on Wednesday. I also wish that I had gone to Walmart afterwards and got some felt and other craft supplies to make a witch hat. But I did neither of those things Wednesday.

Now, there was a thirty percent chance of rain Wednesday, but it just looked cloudy and didn't really do anything for a long time. But then we started hearing stuff on the news, and I figured that I should at least go outside and smooth out the dirt that I had started to put back in this hole. If the dirt was going to get wet, it should at least get wet level and not be a lumpy mess. So I started to go outside and do that, only it was really windy. So that took some doing. My husband came out to help me for a bit, and then we went back inside. And there was a lot of nonsense, like the power blinking on and off for a bit and us having to reset the clocks a few times. And then it was over, and while everything got a bit wet and it was very windy, there wasn't a lot of actual rain. People north of us had tornadoes and such, but not us. We went to bed.

Apparently the rain was not over. I briefly woke up in the middle of the night (not sure what time) and heard that it was raining. Well, good. If everything has to get wet, it might as well get enough rain to do somebody some good and not just ruin my plans for gardening in the morning. I went back to sleep. In the morning it was still raining.

Well it stopped raining enough for me to go out and look, there was standing water in places, and of course the hole I had dug was completely filled with water. I hadn't staked the tomatoes, so they had all fallen over, as had a lot of my other plants. That's okay. Usually they dry out and recover.

And then it rained some more. And it was on the news most of the day. There were traffic problems. There was even flooding in places, though not for me personally, as the power was on most of the time, except for a minute here and there so that I would have to reset clocks and such. But the power never stayed off, so the pump kept the water out of my house.

So, obviously there was no going out to work in the garden yesterday. So I could have been working on my hat, except that I didn't go to Walmart or anyplace to get supplies. And I didn't think that I should go out any yesterday to get them, because of the traffic problems here and there, and I didn't really need anything. There was food in the house and all of that. The news said to stay in if you didn't have to be out, so we did just that. We stayed here and watched the rest of the Prisoner.

So I have been outside to have a look this morning, and while most of the water has gone down, there is still water in the hole I where I was working in the garden. And of course the ground is going to be too wet to work with for days anyway.

Today is Friday (at least, I think that it is Friday). I think that my husband is going back to work today (and of course he would be going back to work on a day that I can't garden and I don't really appreciate having the house to myself this afternoon).

And today is the day that the TV is supposed to go all digital and be annoying forever afterwards. We have been pretending that we don't have regular TV all week, trying to get used to the annoying bit of having four remotes instead of two. And yes, I know there is this thing called the universal remote, but the thing didn't work very well before so I doubt that it would be any better now. But sometimes you find yourself looking at a blank screen, and you don't know which remote you need to fix the problem. So sometimes you just give up and go back to regular TV. Only, after today, there won't be any regular TV to go back to.

Of course, it will really get ugly in September, when there are new TV shows to watch and record, and I will only be able to program record for one channel, or else I will have to go and manually change the channel. I really don't like to do that. If I do that I usually accidentally see the end of a program that I recorded, or I wait too long and then don't record the beginning of the next show, etc.... It is all very annoying.

Oh, and I'll be seeing my mother tomorrow, but that will be in a group and maybe it will be okay.


dmarks said...

As for computer "contention", I looked to see what the "Router" option costs. They start at $30 at Walmart. You can plug the desktop into it. It has wifi, so a newer laptop will work with it, and you can also plug the laptop into it if you'd rather do that than wifi.

And if you need to get a new TV sometime, more and more sets come Internet-enabled, and you'd need a router like this to connect to if you wanted to watch Youtube and such on TV.

Food for thought.

The temperature might crack 70 today. Wheeee.

Ananda girl said...

I used to have a TV that would not accept a universal remote. I guess sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Near as I can tell... I'm watching the Cub vs.the Twins because I don't like anything else on TV today... near as I can tell, there is nothing different with my TV. Maybe the color is more intense.

I guess I have no trouble because my TV is newer. It does not need a box to convert. I lucked out. It was a free bee.