Thursday, June 25, 2009

102 degrees

Though I don't think that was official. But I did see that temperature on a bank sign when we were out yesterday. We stopped at Sonic to get slushies, and it was noticeably uncomfortable when we rolled down the window to make the order.

It is supposed to get a few degrees hotter today and tomorrow.

The weather guy was describing something about how such and such happens, but we weren't going to get enough of something to get any rain. I wasn't paying attention. I just heard that we weren't going to get any rain. And then there for a bit the conditions changed slightly, so that there was going to be some rain, and I didn't water the plants.

Well, there was a bit of rain, but not over my house. The temperature dropped down to ninety-six, and then in the evening down to ninety-one, but I didn't get any rain. So I had to go out and water the plants anyway.

I must get used to just watering the plants a lot, even when there might be rain, cause there usually isn't anyway. Like I should just go ahead and water some, and then when it doesn't rain I should go back and water some more.

Except that the last big rain actually killed four plants. That was weird. And I've probably killed a couple of things that I tried to transplant, but that is to be expected.

After a bit of phone tag, my husband did talk to someone at the unemployment place. They told him to call back on the seventh.

He worked last week. He did not work the week before. For this week, next week, and the week after, he is only scheduled to work two days. Not two days each, but two days total. I don't want to be a bitch and say that we need the money now, but, we need the money now. Why should anyone have to wait until the seventh?

The place is a mess, and I should be cleaning. It is too hot to do garden work outside, and there are places in the house and work that needs to be done, but it is too hot to do that either. It is nice and air-conditioned in these two rooms here, so I should be at least getting that work done, even if I don't feel just great. But I am not doing that work either, because my husband isn't working. It is just too much of a hassle to do anything like that while he is here. Either I am in his way, or he is in my way, or whatever. I manage to catch up with the dishes and the laundry once in a while, but that is about it. Most of the rest of the time I am just back here watching TV.

Yesterday, I banged my index finger real good. And it wasn't like I was using a hammer or anything. I think at the time I was brushing my hair. Accidents happen, but they usually don't happen when you're brushing your hair.

I should knit something. I should get started on Christmas gifts and knit something. But I don't seem to have the space, I probably don't have enough of the right yarn, and I hate to go and buy anything right now. I hate to even waste the gas to go and buy anything right now. I should just stay in the house and watch TV and eat spaghetti and not go anywhere or spend any money.


Ananda girl said...

Ugh. Heat. That's why I moved north.
I'm crabby when its in the high 80s.

I think with unemployment they make you take a two week waiting period. I don't understand that at all.

Its probably wise to spend as little as you can until finances get better. That's good thinking.

dmarks said...

It's high 80s here. Crabby, alright.