Saturday, June 27, 2009

God finally allowed me to eat at the Greek restaurant, sort of

Okay, so if you've been reading recently, you know that I was supposed to go to this little restaurant with my husband, but on three different occasions something went wrong and I didn't get to go. The last time we tried, the restaurant was closed because the place was being painted.

So yesterday my husband has to take another package to this same area, mainly because he should have put something else in the first package, but he didn't get the message in time. So he tells me that he has to go over there either Friday or Saturday, and then he asks if I want to go with him to this restaurant.

If you have been reading recently, you may also recall that he hasn't worked much lately, that we are running out of money, and that the unemployment people say that he isn't supposed to file until the seventh. So we have had discussions about not going out so much. And I'm going to be really mad if I have to buy something important like groceries or gas or birth control pills, and then he tells me I can't have any money because we spent twenty dollars on lunch when he knew that he didn't have anymore money coming in.

But, he says this will be the end of him going out for a while. He promises to eat cereal for breakfast and whatever is available here for lunch, and mostly, he has been doing that.

So I get dressed and put on makeup and such, and we go to the other side of Dallas and drop off this package. And then we go to the restaurant.

The restaurant has a new sign, and it no longer says anything about a lunch buffet on the door. Maybe it has a new owner.

But we go inside and it looks the same. So we ask about the buffet, and we are told that it really isn't a buffet anymore. It isn't really clear what is going on, but we are told we can only make one trip and we can only have one meat.


Anyway, it was a bit confusing. The waitresses were confused too. I think it was either their second day, or it was the second day since it had changed. So they didn't know whether or not they were supposed to have the plates out, and they just had the little salad plates at the front of the line, and then you waited for someone to go and get you a dinner plate.

So I had a little bit of everything for the salad half of the line, and I didn't really have much room left to get any of the hot food. But that's okay, I like salad. So I got like this pasta thing, and then someone asked me which meat I wanted, and I'm like I don't know, maybe lamb. Cause we don't eat lamb, so that would be different.

So I get some lamb, and my husband gets a shish kabob, and then we go to pay for the lunch. And now we see that you either get charged six dollars for salad (which would have been fine for me) or you get salad with whichever meat you order, which in my case was thirteen dollars.

So we had thought we were going to spend about twenty dollars, and if we had seen the sign we could have had salad and still just spent twenty dollars, but as it was we spent about thirty dollars.

And I don't even especially like lamb, I just thought I might as well try something different. I probably would have liked the chicken better, and it would have been ten dollars instead of thirteen.

Anyway, I was happy with the rest of the food, and my husband was happy with his food, and we ate lunch and watched the rest of the costumers come in and be equally confused, and the staff was still not quite getting the hang of the new stuff.

The good news about it not really being a buffet anymore is that I got to take home my leftovers. And I had plenty of leftovers.

So that was that. And if we ever go there again (which we still might, because it is around the corner from where the other guy lives), then I will know to just have the salad.

I would have thought that was going to be the excitement of the day. But later, like when I am trying to go to sleep later, my husband gets some news about the business venture. There are still some details to work out, but someone wants to hire my husband and this other guy for a couple of days in August.

Unfortunately, the two days that they want are both Saturdays. My husband is only supposed to be offering to work on Sundays, maybe Mondays, unless there is enough money involved to take off from their regular jobs for a whole week. But he didn't explain that part, and they want him on Saturdays. So if he and the other guy take this job, they will both have to ask off on those days. And if you ask off for one day, you are probably going to be taken off of the schedule for the whole week. So unless they can make enough money in two days to make up for missing two weeks of work, this is not a good deal. And there is just no way to know until they try it.

Of course, the way the schedule has been, the company may not have much work for them in August anyway. There is just no way to know.

Also, I don't know if this will screw up the whole unemployment thing.

So anyway, my husband got this email and was still trying to think of how to answer about an hour after I like to go to bed. So he tells me all this stuff, and then he finally does come to bed, but then just as I am getting to sleep he decides that he can't sleep and he comes back in here to look over things again.

So I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked. I felt just fine yesterday, but this morning I could just go back to bed and be done with it.


dmarks said...

The way unemployment works in Mich, any week with any wages earned in it is not eligible.

Ananda girl said...

There are so many stresses with the economy the way it is right now! I would not have been able to sleep after the email!

The Greek food sounds great. I like Greek food a lot, especially lamb. I am glad that it didn't upset your stomach and you enjoyed it. The price... ouch! I guess they are trying to find a way through the financial crunch too.

I overslept by five hours. I have not done that in years, but I was exhausted. Now I am dragging because oversleeping makes me tired too. But it is better than under sleeping. I hope you can take a nap.

dmarks said...

So, the good thing is, you got leftovers? The bad thing, it was lamb?

A church I used to go to used to have a very traditional Passover seder meal. Like Jews do (and have done for millenia), with the same food, and same ceremony, with some Christian text added in.

That was the only time I ever ate lamb. It's one of the traditional food items, after all. Not sure how fond I am of lamb, but I could eat it once a year. But there were some that could not stand even that, so they complained about it. The lamb was taken out. One by one, people complained about the rest of the traditional items (bitter herb, almond, salt water, eggs, etc) until they were all gone. In the end it was just a regular old beef stew. Nothing special or traditional about it, no connection to the traditional Sedar meal with Christ had at the tiem of the Last Supper. Spoilsports, I thought. I mean, I don't like almonds at all, but I would eat them no complaint as part of the ceremony.

Once they had the food the complainers wanted, everyone stopped going. There wasn't anything special about it anymore.

There. That is my lamb rant.