Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We had some more excitement yesterday

Yesterday we had a fight over something involving the TV.

That wasn't the excitement. This is what would happen on a regular basis if I weren't such a nice person. I don't enjoy fighting, so I usually keep such things to myself. But after having to tell him three times in less than ten minutes not to do something and explaining why he shouldn't do something and then having to listen to him tell me I'm the one who is stupid....

But that wasn't the excitement.

Later in the day, I was attacked by fire ants.

But that wasn't the excitement either.

Anyway, we were watching Impact, which I had recorded the night before. And we were getting comfortable in front of the TV and having snacks and such. We heard the neighbor's dog bark, but this did not immediately get our attention, as it seems that the neighborhood dogs often find something to bark about.

It turns out that a tree cutting service had parked it's truck on a street parallel to ours, and that was what some of the dogs were barking at, including the dog across the street.

A bit after this, my husband looks outside again, and sees that there is someone climbing our tree. And he is securing ropes and such that they do when they get ready to cut part of a tree.

So we go outside, and the guy just waves at us.

Well, I guess that this has something to do with the fact that last week a large branch fell from that tree and landed in middle of the street at one or two in the morning. I hadn't thought that they would do anything more about it after they hauled away the debris, but I guess the office decided to trim some more branches so that it didn't happen again.

Still, you would think that they would ask first, or call us, or leave us a note. But none of that had happened. And there was this guy up in our tree, and he didn't even knock on the door to tell us he was there or anything.

We just sort of shrugged and went back inside and watched more TV.

After a while the guy is still there, and he's cutting more branches. We had first thought that he was just cutting around where the damage was. Well, I really don't know about tree trimming. He can keep cutting if he wants to. I've said several times that I didn't even want the tree, but I just didn't have the money to have it removed.

And the guy is still there, cutting more and more stuff. My husband says that he thinks that the guy is planning to cut the whole tree down.

Now having said that I didn't want the tree, I'm not going to go out and argue with the guy. But, seriously, don't you think that you should ask before cutting down a person's tree?

But we think that he can't really be going to cut down the whole tree. Surely cutting down a whole tree would require two or three guys at least, and it's just the one guy.

Another guy shows up, and the first guy climbs on my roof.

Now, no one is allowed on the roof, except for the guys from the roof company. It is in the contract. Even I am not allowed to walk on my own roof.

So I go outside and tell the guy that he isn't allowed on the roof. And he just looks at me, and I repeat myself. He probably doesn't understand much English. After telling him for the third time that he isn't allowed on the roof, I ask him if he checked with the office, and he says yes. I go back in the house.

Even if they don't cut down the whole tree, I would like the branches that hang over the house to be removed. After the one fell into the street I started to worry that one might fall and make a hole in the roof. And I don't see how else to get to those branches without walking on the roof, so I guess I shouldn't complain about it.

After a while they stop cutting branches. There are still branches hanging over the house, but not as many, and not hanging as low.

They clear away the debris, and do not cut down the whole tree as we were starting to think that they might.

I still think that it is very odd that no one informed us that they were coming, and they did not even bother to knock on the door.

I think that they also did some work in the backyard of the neighbor across the street, which was why the dogs were so upset. The neighbor across the street has been away for a few days. I wonder if he will be happy with the tree trimming when he gets back.

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Ananda girl said...

That's really odd that they did not inform you that someone was coming to do that. Odd too that the guy did not knock on your door to explain what he was up to.

Fire ants! Yikes.

I do the exact same thing with the TV... I just let him watch what he wants most of the time. I hate to fight.