Monday, June 22, 2009

I feel awful

It is getting old, I know. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. It is just that today I feel awful and have no explanation for it. So I don't like that. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong, so I can't go and fix whatever it is.

I have gotten used to being quite done in by doing just the smallest amount of work. That is sort of normal. If you do a lot of work in the garden, you get tired. And after you've done a lot of work in the garden, maybe you are still stiff and sore the next day. So that is normal, just that I get that way from doing a lot less work than a lot of other people would have done before they would whine of feeling bad the way I do. So I get that.

What I do not get is that I haven't done serious garden work since Wednesday or Thursday, and I feel like I did a lot of work yesterday.

I rather feel like I spent the night in a strange motel room that didn't have a good mattress and couldn't get any sleep. Only I spent the night in my own comfortable bed and got plenty of sleep. Not all the way straight through eight hours sleep, but when I woke up and three in the morning I feel back asleep quickly enough.

Friday I did a bit of work trying to find that scarf, but not that much work. Not like digging big holes in the garden type work. Saturday I stayed up a bit late with my friends, but not that late. I'm pretty sure that I was in bed and asleep before two. So being out late might explain being a little tired yesterday, but that's about it. And even if staying out was the explanation for not feeling great yesterday, I should not still feel that way today.

Saturday day I did not find my giant scarf. But I have plenty of other long scarves and tried to make one of them work. I'm not sure that having the giant scarf would have helped anything. Anyway, I was sure that I got more laughs than anyone else, but I still didn't win anything.

After that, several of my friends saw me in a swimsuit. I don't think that I look great in the swimsuit right now, though I probably look better than most of them. Anyway, the group has now seem me in a swimsuit. Something to check off of the list and not worry about anymore.

This week is not going to be fun. My husband is off again without pay. So he spends all of his time in here trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of Adsense, or whatever it is called. I think he should spend some time talking to one of his co-workers he doesn't particularly care for and try to figure out how one goes about squeezing money out of Unemployment.

I purchased a DVD set on behalf of my friend from the great white north. It is a collection of stuff that we haven't seen since we were kids in the seventies. I'm going to watch it and make sure that the DVDs work properly before I send it to him, just in case one of them is defective and I need to exchange it. And I haven't seen the shows in a long time either, so it is interesting. So I guess that I have stuff to keep me occupied for a while. I just wish that I didn't feel so bad. My original thought was that I would watch a bit of the DVD, then get up and work for a bit and then go back and watch more of the DVD, etc.... Now I just feel so bad, I'm mostly just watching the DVD and not doing any work.

Yesterday, my husband made the best homemade pizza. In addition to whatever he normally makes we also had an assortment of fancy cheese and some tomatoes out of the garden. I shouldn't complain too much after getting to spend the day watching silly seventies TV and eating pizza.


Ananda girl said...

Maybe that's your body telling you to take it easy.

I don't know about your state, but I have a friend here who gets partial unemployment. Its just a matter of going in and filling out a form. Here you can do all your reporting etc. over the phone once you have turned in your paperwork. They send you a debit card to use and money is automatically loaded onto it.

dmarks said...

They do that in Michigan, too. It goes by the week. So, if there is a week with no work at all, you can claim that week and get benefits. Then if he works the two weeks after that, no benefits. And then, another workless week? Benefits. It can start and stop.

Ananda and I have no idea of the conformity of this across the nation, and if your state is this way.

laughingattheslut said...

It would take too long to get into, but my husband just doesn't seem to think it is worth the effort.

But the last few times he has tried to do this, he has filled out the forms and then he has to wait for someone to call him back. And then there is phone tag for a while, and then when everything is finally in order, the week is over, and he is back to work, and they don't send him any money.

So he I would guess that he is doing something wrong, and if he would just ask his co-workers he would find out what to do different, like maybe they fill out the forms the week before when they first hear that they are going to have the next week off. But he just won't ask them, and since the same thing happened several times he has given up even applying for the money.