Friday, September 04, 2009

Getting ready to film

I went back to Walmart and got that fourth item. It was regular price. I guess with only three of them left it wasn't worth the effort of marking them down. I'm thinking that they will end up throwing the last two away.

While I was there I found something else that I wanted. I only had money to get one, but I wanted like a dozen. By the time I have money, they will probably be gone.

Today I expect to have some money, but not much, and of course we owe a lot and this won't even be enough to catch up. But it is always a relief to have some money.

In a few hours we should start filming. Actually, we filmed just a tiny bit yesterday. I had a closeup shot and a long shot. We will have to use the long shot. My neck looks just awful. I know that I don't look just perfect, cause I see myself in the mirror and I see myself in photos once in a while, but it has been a really long time since I have seen myself on video. So, that is what I really look like. No matter how great the body looks, there's that awful double chin.

Anyway, it is good that I thought to also have the long shot. And it will only be a few seconds of the finished product.

So we have off most of today to film the project in various stages, but I do have to do some other things. Like I have to go pick up my pills, and I have a few more errands to run. And I have to do most of the project, even though we will only be filming the beginning and the end of it. So that is a lot of work that I will have to do.

And it is supposed to rain today. So I have to film some of it before it rains, and then I have to do some more work on it and get it done even if it is raining, and then I have errands to run, and then I hope it will stop raining long enough to finish filming.

And then we will have most of tomorrow to figure out editing, which we have never done before.

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Ananda girl said...

I think the editing part will be interesting to figure out. I've no idea how you do that with videos now, but would like to learn. All I know is how to splice film the old fashioned way.