Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Maybe I will edit this video again

Okay, I have a version of the video, but I'm not entirely happy with it, so I might redo it. That is, I might redo some of the editing part, not the filming part. The filming part is done except for this one little thing that I forgot to do at the end, but it will be no big deal to add that, and it is something done inside and it will only take about five minutes to set up.

I have found out that a.) long shots are boring, and b.) trying to edit the sound is harder than editing the video. If you shorten a piece visually, the voiceover stays the same, unless you remove it entirely. So I had this part where nothing was really happening, and I had nothing else to say about it, so I tried to cut some of it out. So that just the voiceover not match up with other things later. You can't remove sections of the voice over, unless you did the voice over in little sections. So I tried doing the voiceover in little sections, to go exactly with the little video clips, but the little clips were just too small to work with. I can cut off pieces of the end of the audio, but only if I remove the video it goes with. So I may end up cutting it back to about the first third of the video where there is a big gap and redoing the rest of it. And then I might have room to add what I left out at the end. But I've still got the first version in reserve if I decide it is taking too long.

I know that I always complain about the way the house looks and I should get around to cleaning it someday, but now it is really bad. Even the kitchen and areas that I try to keep up with are bad. First, there was stuff that I put off because of the "new business", and then I put stuff off in the house while trying to do stuff in the garden that I meant to do while the "new business" stuff took over, and then I had a knee injury, and now I've but things off again to work on this video.

The knee injury is odd, and I know nothing about knee injuries. I didn't do sports as a kid, so I don't even know the terms. It is not a problem that I had diagnosed as a kid, so that I just say, I've got this again. This isn't something I've had before. And there is no bruising and no swelling or anything else that I can see. And I don't really remember doing anything to it, I just didn't feel great one day, and then I really felt bad. I just figured that I had banged my knee on something in the garden but didn't remember.

Now I think that it is some sort of repetitive motion thing. I think that I have been doing a certain thing with my knee off and on since I've moved into this house, and that I've been doing it more now than I used to, and maybe I'm too old to do that anymore, and maybe I wasn't supposed to be doing it in the first place.

Anyway, I haven't gone to the doctor about it. For one thing, I haven't got any money, and I figure that he would just tell me to avoid doing that particular motion. And I am trying to avoid that particular motion, which usually means that I'm just doing it on the other knee. But after I get things cleaned up I will try to be more careful with both knees.

Nothing exciting happened here for the weekend. We didn't even go over to my brother's for hotdogs. I'm sure that my sister had all kinds of fun with her in-laws, and it isn't much worth the trouble for only three or four of us. And the rest of us are all a bit short on money anyway.


David Lee said...

Can I post your YouTube video on Twentydays.wordpress.com blog?
It is awesome! I think you have very good chance to win something.

laughingattheslut said...

Dearest David, thank you for your support. But you cannot possibly know if I have an awesome video or not, since you haven't sent it yet.

But of course, after it is finished and put on YouTube, if you like it you may post it on your blog.

Ananda girl said...

It sounds very complicated and challenging. But it also sounds like you've enjoyed doing it.

I'm looking forward to seeing it somewhere.