Monday, September 14, 2009

A mostly uneventful weekend

It is raining right now. It has mostly been raining since about Thursday, with a few dry spots here and there. It is a shame to waste all of this rain, but I hadn't done any fall planting, and most of my spring plants are dead. So I had been wishing that I had planted something, except now that I've gone out and looked at it, I think that we've had so much rain that it would have just washed the seeds away. There is standing water in places, though not so much near the back of the house, so there has been no threat of water coming inside yet.

The two wildflowers that I had transplanted seem to be recovering. I am wondering if I should go and get some more of them now that the intense summer heat is passing.

I did not film anything yet for the new video. I meant to do that this weekend, but I forgot a few things. Like, I forgot and left the camera on when I wasn't using it, so it was drained of power when I went back for it. And I wanted my husband's help for some of it, and forgot he had that damned meeting to go to.

He mostly kept his mouth shut. They actually came out and said that they were required to do this that and the other, or they would be replaced. It makes no sense, as this that and the other require more work from everybody, tend to annoy everybody, and have not increased anyone's sales. It would be different if customers had asked for this that and the other, or if customers were going to buy this that or the other. So far, all this work has only resulted in one sale, and we don't even think that it was an additional sale, just that someone bought this that or the other instead of what he normally would have purchased. It almost seems like they want to make life harder on people so that a bunch of them will quit, cause they really don't like firing people do to lawsuits, but they are perfectly happy not scheduling people who don't do what they are told, and they don't seem much bothered by people leaving as long as they give notice first.

So my husband mostly kept his mouth shut, and brought home leftover pizza. He talks about asking for his old job back, which I understand why, but the old job didn't have insurance, and there's no guarantee he'd get a full schedule there anyway.

And of course there is nothing in this meeting that ever addressed what would actually make things better for everyone. Stop scheduling people who don't want to buy anything. Stop going after accounts that didn't even have money to spend when things were good and aren't planning to start spending now that there is a recession.

That is a totally different group of employees. And I doubt that they are being told anything like that at their meetings.

So that was all annoying, except for the pizza.

On the bright side, I found certain pieces of clothing that I had misplaced, and I think that I will wear some of it when I start filming that video later today.

I am thinking that I won't go to Oklahoma this weekend. As for Louisiana, I will have to give that a bit more thought, though I had more interest in going to Oklahoma that I did Louisiana. Not that there's anything I especially want to do in either one, nothing new that I would want to do (and there's no money even if I did), just that I like the motels we usually get in Oklahoma better than the one's we usually get in Louisiana. I'd probably just spend most of my time in the motel room knitting and watching cable.

There has been no swimming to speak of this summer. Not that I do much in the way of actual swimming, but I do rather like being in the pool or a hot tub talking to someone. The only time I can remember doing any of that this year was at my friend's place, and I was really not that happy with the swimsuit situation and didn't stay long.

Everyone is going back to school. I have no school this year, and no hope that things will get better so that I might take art classes again. I should go to the lab and see if I've left anything behind.

My friend from the great white north tried to do me the favor of posting my video on his blog and asking people to go to the website to vote for me and leave positive comments. I think one of his readers went to the website and voted for someone else. At least, there are no comments on my video, and only one of some other video. Anyway, I think it was a mistake, as the comment doesn't seem to go with the other video.

I misspelled something on the video, twice. My fault. I'm the one who wrote the script and did the spell check. Spell check and such won't catch that you've misspelled a word if it makes a different word. So I had typed out someone's name or something, not the word I was looking for. That sucks. I do that on the blog sometimes and can go back and fix it, no big deal. Fixing a video is more complicated, and it is really to late to try it after I've already uploaded the thing.

Defying gravity had their season finale last night. I think it has had like four episodes. Hardly time for a season finale, even if it is just a summer replacement series.

Fringe starts this week. It will be nice to have new TV shows again, even if my VCR is acting up.


Ananda girl said...

Yes, I can't wait for Finge to come back on again.

I thought you did a good job on your gardening video. I did just see it at your friend's blog. I have not yet voted. Will do so when I am not at work, but wanted you to know that I had finally seen it. Things have been crazy for me lately. But in a good way.

Tomer said...

A little misspelling in the video...

BTW, a good program is Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com) it adds spell check to all programs. Might be interest.

laughingattheslut said...

Thank you, but I would still miss things. Than gets typed as then or that, and spell check doesn't catch it, because then and that are words, just not the word that I meant to use.

Not as bad as the clock repair ad that ran without the L, but still, it annoys me. And especially this time, as I wrote down the same word twice in different places. I suppose that I will figure out how to fix it later, but I think I am stuck with it the way it is as far as the contest goes.

Finished the second video now. Not the straight three minutes that I had originally planned, as I wasn't close enough to the camera for the audio and had to do a voiceover again.

Maybe the third or fourth will take less time. But everything always takes more time than I imagine.