Sunday, September 06, 2009

We really must film the last part of the video today

And I have no doubt that we will do just that, after we've watched Sunday Morning, and after I get cleaned up a bit and such. I haven't heard that it is going to rain or anything, so it should get done before lunch, and then we can think about editing.

Neither of us has done a video before, so we know nothing of editing.

I am thinking that I will make that second video after all. A slightly altered version which would require no editing, so that way I would still have something to send in if the editing of the first video doesn't go well.

Of course, I will have to have nice clean room to film the second video, and nothing here is exactly that. I will have to decide which room would be best and start cleaning it.

Yesterday was a lot of work. First, I got up and did a lot of work, and I knew that it would be a lot of work, I just haven't tried to do so much of this particular work in one day. I was tired and sweaty and I got about a fourth of it done and really did not want to do any more of that. I went inside, and my husband made a very nice sandwich with sausage and that white cheddar we bought Friday. I got cleaned up, and then we drove to the DAV.

I know that we did quite enough shopping already on Friday, but one thing that we had looked for that we did not find anything we wanted was two Dallas Cowboy t-shirts. Not that I'm a big fan and really want one, but sometimes there are silly things to do if you have a team shirt, and I don't have one, so I keep meaning to get one just for those occasions. Like tomorrow, you are supposed to wear something of your favorite sports team to Chick-fil-a, and you get a free sandwich. So, we will say the Cowboys are our favorite team, and we will see if the line for getting a sandwich is too long. Also, Albertson's grocery store has a ten percent off sale on game days for people who wear Cowboys stuff. So now we can do that too.

The nicer looking stuff was long sleeve, but since most of the stuff would be done this month, we decided to get t-shirts, even though they didn't look so great. We spent four dollars on the two t-shirts, and didn't find much else worth looking at as we had been in the store last week.

Then it was back home to do more work. I would get a bit of it done, and then get really tired and go watch TV for a bit. I did that for the rest of the day. I had to leave just a tiny bit of it for this morning.

This is really going to suck if we can't get the editing figured out.


Ananda girl said...

Gee, they don't do stuff like that here. I mean, there is no Cowboys or whatever day. Or dressing in a particular way day. How interesting. Sounds fun too.

laughingattheslut said...

I would have thought that the Chick-fil-A thing was everywhere, not just here. And here we had not just Cowboy t-shirts but Ranger t-shirts and maybe a few Mavericks and Stars, Texas A&M, a few other college things, and a lot of people actually wearing their own school stuff or their kid's school stuff.

As for the thing at Albertson's, I suppose that has been quietly going on for a while, though I did not notice it until the end of last season. It is only ten percent off, and it doesn't apply to some things, but I figured that it was worth spending a couple of bucks on a t-shirt.