Monday, September 07, 2009

Nearly finished, I hope

Finishing up filming took longer than expected. With so little left to do, I figured that I didn't really need to worry about getting an early start. So we went out a bit after lunch, and while I didn't have much work to do, it was just too hot. It is a bit cooler than it had been, but do even a little bit of work and you really start to sweat. And I didn't want to sweat in my video. So I took a break, did some more work, took another break, finished most of the work, took another break, watched an hour of TV, went back outside and did the last part of the video.

And so now I would be finished with the filming part, except that I forgot a few things. The main thing that I forgot was that I was going to have this little bit of me with the money, the $20.09, only of course now I don't have any money, so I will have to go and borrow some money for about five minutes so I can get that part. And then there is something else like that we would film indoors and would only take about five minutes to set up.

As it is we have over ten minutes of film that has to be cut to less than three minutes, so I might not bother with it.

We are having trouble figuring out the editing. I suppose that I still have a week or so left to get the hang of it, but I was hoping to be done with it today. I probably won't.

While we were trying to figure things out, my husband accidentally made a sports video from it. It has nothing to do with sports, but there was a sample of everything we filmed cut down to three minutes, music was added, and the titles said stuff like I love sports. I really hate sports, so that was funny.

David is all finished with his challenge, which I'm sure he is glad of, but I will miss reading about it.

I think later I will post some of the dumb things that I read from other people who left comments.

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