Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am not in Shreveport

Yesterday, I was getting ready to go to Shreveport for two days. Not that there is anything special in Shreveport that I would have money for, but I thought that it would be nice to get out of the house, maybe take a swim if the weather was nice, watch cable, get some knitting done, etc....

And then his boss called and changed his schedule all around so that he worked five days in Oklahoma instead of two days in Shreveport.

And while it is usually better to work a whole week instead of just a couple of days, this is another one of those times when he doesn't have enough money to pay for the trip. But, again, he didn't say that, he just agreed to the schedule change.

Usually, when going somewhere this far away, he would leave the day before and come home the day after. So, that would be six days in a motel room. I didn't go with him because a.) I didn't want to be gone that long, b.) I have plans on Saturday, and c.) he doesn't have enough money to be away for six days. In fact, with only about two hundred dollars, I don't think that he has enough money to go on this trip at all, but I didn't argue with him this time. If he wants to go and get stranded in Oklahoma, that's his business.

Anyway, I did not go with him, so he won't have to have a motel room Saturday night. And he left early this morning instead of yesterday, so that's another night's room that he didn't need (though it will make for a very long day today and another long day on Saturday). We sent him off with a lot of food, so if he can keep it from spoiling he shouldn't spend much money on that. So, he should have just enough to get by, if he doesn't have to buy gas.

Of course, he is driving to Oklahoma, so of course he will need to buy gas.


Maybe a check will clear by Thursday, and maybe it won't.

Anyway, I'm staying here and maybe cleaning this place up a bit, or maybe doing another video, or maybe doing some knitting. It isn't even lunch time yet, so I should still have time to get something done today, not to mention the rest of the week.

On a more positive note, I have found someplace to watch The Big Bang Theory.

Also, yesterday I sold two boxes of books, which is good because a.) I needed to get rid of two boxes of books, and b.) I got fourteen dollars to spend on yarn. I didn't find the speciality yarn I was looking for, so a settled for buying some on sale yarn for a different project. So that is one of my goals for the week, to get started on that project, right after I clear enough space to set up for that. It was disappointing that I didn't find my speciality yarn, but since I hadn't seen it in any of the ads, I knew it was a long shot before I went out.

Okay, shopping trip taken care of, so I shouldn't need to go out again til my plans for Saturday, except that I have to go to the library to tell them they've made a mistake and didn't check in last weeks videos. That happens a lot now that they've switched to the teenage volunteers. And I have a lot of food, so I shouldn't have to do much in the way of cooking for a few days.

I have four days to alternate cleaning and watching TV and doing artistic things. While it isn't sitting by the pool or watching cable, it isn't that bad.

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