Thursday, September 24, 2009

I woke up too early this morning

And, since I had the house to myself, I actually decided to watch TV and such. When there is no one else in the house, you can do that sort of thing.

But now I am tired and wanting to go back to sleep. Again, since there is no one else here, I could do that if I wanted. Or, at least, I could try. But it probably won't work. The sun is up now and everything.

I think I will fry an egg and see how I feel after that.

The giant heap of stuff next to the bed has become a smaller heap of stuff, and maybe it will get smaller still and I can at least put the stuff in boxes to be sorted out later. At least, I tell myself that I will sort out the boxes later. Anyway, stuff in boxes on the floor is a bit neater than just stuff on the floor without the boxes.

I guess I did the easy stuff Tuesday, though it didn't seem easy at the time. Maybe it is more accurate to say that I did the obvious stuff Tuesday. Wednesday I still through away another bag of garbage, but it took longer to find that much stuff I didn't want anymore. Finding that much stuff today would take longer still, so I think I will stop trying at about lunch time and switch to something else.

Two more days and nights with the house to myself. On Saturday I have plans. I'm looking for stuff that could be made into Halloween decorations. Halloween is getting close now.

My husband found another hundred dollars. I guess he won't get stranded out of town now.

Yesterday, the power went off, then on, then off, and then it went back and forth so fast I didn't count. And then it just stayed off for a while, but still less than an hour. I gave up and read a bit of a book. I don't read much anymore. My eyes aren't good and I don't enjoy it like I used to.

It rains a lot now. It doesn't just pour down rain day and night, but we do get wet for a little while, and it doesn't stop long enough to dry out from last week. All this water going to waste. I wish I had been able to start a fall garden. But at this point the seeds would just get washed away, and I don't have money to buy seedlings.

The water that isn't going towards growing vegetables is just making the grass grow. I will probably get a complaint letter on the door.

The fall bulbs I transplanted are starting to bloom. I'm not sure if I'd call this a success or not. Most of the bulbs are still too small to flower, so maybe next year. And I did get some flowers. And maybe some more will bloom later. They usually come in waves, depending on when there has been enough rain. So I don't know if this is all of them, or if this is just the first wave.

I'm still thinking of going back to bed.

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Ananda girl said...

I'd go back to bed if I could.

I have not made much progress on my room. I did manage to get rid of the dishes, cans and trash that my son left behind... and that helped a whole lot. But my organization is still two large piles. Mine and his.