Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What would we do with that?

So it is the ninth day of the ninth month of the year 2009. It looks cool to write out 9-09-09. But, well, big deal.

The Beatles had this song. Well, it wasn't much of a song. Let's call it some space on one of their records. Anyway, the Beatles had this space on one of their records where one of them just keeps saying "number nine" over and over again. Weird.

So on this day, they are selling the Beatles Rock Band, which is like Guitar Hero, which I have never played anyway. And there are contests. And on this day, a store in our general area is going to open two hours early and have contests and give away stuff, etc.... And my husband thought that was cool that this particular contest is only in ten stores nationwide, and one of them is in our general area.

So he planned to get up early and go to this store and see if he could win something.

He must have told me about this a week or two ago, and he didn't notice that I did not get all excited about it. So last night when he is reminding me that we need to get up early, he actually seemed surprised to hear that I wasn't planning to go with him. I mean, I'll probably be awake, I usually wake up hours before he does whether I want to or not, but I still don't see the point of me going to this store.

First of all, is it a trivia contest? Ask me about Star Trek or some other sci fi thing, sure, but I don't expect to beat anyone on music trivia, even if it is the Beatles. So that's one thing, if it is trivia, he might win something, but I wouldn't.

Second, what would I do with the stuff if I won something? First place, I cannot use. Other stuff, I probably wouldn't' want, but I suppose that I could sell some of it on eBay. If I won a Beatles record, that would be nice, but really, we already have those somewhere, don't we? And if we are missing anything, he would just get it on line now anyway.

So I probably would not win anything, and if I did win something I wouldn't know what to do with it, and if I won something that I actually wanted it probably isn't anything that I would want bad enough to go to this store and stand in line or whatever.

I rather pictured having the morning to myself.

Not that I won't have the afternoon to myself after he goes to work. I don't guess I really need to do anything else this morning. Maybe he just thinks that I'm being a bitch. Maybe he realizes that I wouldn't win any trivia contest, but he just wanted the company.

So I'm sitting here trying to decide if I should change my mind and go with him. And I had about decided that I should get cleaned up and go with him, only it was time for me to wake him up, and he would want the shower first. If he really wanted me to go with him, he could wait a little bit for me to get ready.

I don't usually bother with a lot of prep time in the morning. Most days it just doesn't do that much good anyway.

So I have talked myself into going to this thing if he still wants me to go. And I go in to wake him up, and he's changed his mind.

He goes back to sleep.



Ananda girl said...

Oh no! All psyched up and no where to go.

laughingattheslut said...

This has just been the most depressing day.

At first, I imagine that I'm going to have most of the day to myself and get all this work done. And then I'm thinking, I have most of the rest of the week to work, I'll just go ahead and do this thing with him. And then he says he doesn't want to go, and he goes back to bed, and I can't really do anything cause he's trying to sleep. And then he wakes up, and I offer to go with him again, cause I really didn't see any reason why that you had to get up early to do this, just that he wanted to be there early. So now he's awake, we can go. And he's like, but you didn't tell me that you would go. Well, you were going back to sleep, and I'm telling you now that I'll go. Do you want to go now?


So then he just hangs around the house and gets on the computer, and all of that tends to make me depressed. If he's going to be here, he needs to be here with me, not with the computer.

Now he's gone to work, and I just feel like going back to bed.