Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday was fun, and I got some work done

Well, I never get as much accomplished as I might want to, but I did get some work done last week. But before I get all happy about it, I have to remember that the major cleaning and sorting I did was just in one room. And it isn't even that I got a whole room cleaned and sorted, just I mainly got half of the room cleaned and sorted. And there are still things in boxes that I have to go back and look at later. But there are shelves that had everything removed and cleaned and then put back, and there were a few boxes of books that were sold, and there were several bags of trash that went to the curb, and there were two boxes of other things taken away.

How that still leaves boxes on the floor to be sorted out, I'm not sure. And that is in addition to the boxes that are always there that have already been sorted out.

So that took most of four days to do that work, and little else, though I did do just a tiny bit of the regular work of doing the dishes and cooking and such. With it just being me by myself I didn't have as much of that to do and I decided to put off doing the laundry since I would have more laundry to do today anyway.

Anyway, if it takes most of my week just to do most of half of a room, when I am really trying, how long would it take to do the other half of the room, plus three more rooms, while trying to keep up with the regular stuff of washing dishes and cooking and laundry and such?

And with all of this cleaning and sorting and such, why are things still missing? Why can't I find the second season DVD of Land of the Lost, and why is the relatively recently acquired Aliens DVD missing?

Okay, back to the question of the cleaning and sorting. If it takes me most of a week to clean most of half of a room, and I still have the other half of the room and three other rooms left to work on, I guess that would take me another seven weeks, in addition to whatever time I would have to spend doing normal stuff like laundry and trying to somewhat keep the kitchen in order. And I don't seem to get anything done except when I have the house to myself. Even a day when I have the house to myself after he goes to work is not the same, especially since he usually doesn't go to work until well after lunch.

Having the place to myself has its problems. Not having the place to myself has other problems.

He will work today, which is unusual, but then he won't be working tomorrow or the next day, so that isn't good either. A four day week, followed by another four day week. Not as bad as a three or two day week, but we need money, and I need to get things done.

And I should get back to those videos. The deadline for the contest was pushed back, I think til Wednesday. If I'm going to do anything it needs to get done today and tomorrow. I got more time to work on it and I've mostly not used it.

Saturday, I took a break from everything and went to hang out with my friends. But before that I had a moment to see my sister and my mother, and there were no problems with my mother cause I didn't stay that long and my sister was there. I had a couple of things that I wanted my sister to have, and I've had them almost a year now, and I keep forgetting to give them to her. I come across something, put it aside so that I'll give it to her, and then when the day comes that I'm going to see her I walk right past the thing. Then I come home and see the thing, and it is in the way where it is so I put it somewhere else, because I won't be seeing her again for a while. And then I misplace the thing for another month or so, and then when I know I'm going to see her again I can't find the thing. At this rate, by the time I get the stuff to her, it will no longer be of any use. But I did finally manage to locate both items, remember to put them in the car before I left the house, and I did finally give them to her. After a year, I can at last check that off of the to-do list.

Anyway, Saturday was a lot of fun, even if I personally did not do much. We were supposed to be making Halloween decorations, and some of mine didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Other people did some really nice things, and then later it just got silly. But I'm glad I went. I had been looking forward to it for a month or so. And they fed me. I always appreciate it when people feed me. And I got rid of those two boxes of odd things. Some of it was useful, but I suspect most of it was not.

I have to go to Irving sometime this week. The Only 99 Cents store is closed. I used to go to Irving a lot, and for almost any excuse, cause while I was there I could go to the store. Only now there is no store, and I'm trying to not waste gas. So now going to Irving seems like a big chore. When should I go? I need to figure out what all needs to be done so it can all be in one trip. I don't want to go and then figure out that I have to go back for something on Friday. Should I go today and try to get it all done before lunch, or should I wait til tomorrow? Or should I wait til Friday in hopes that I will convince myself to take more books to sell? Of course, if I wait til Friday, and something comes up that prevents me from going on Friday, I'm screwed. Like it is possible that I should go on Thursday, but what if I get sick on Wednesday?

It really sucks not having money. When to go to Irving becomes a major decision. If I didn't have to worry about money, I would go today, and then if I thought of something else I would just go there again later in the week. But now I should just go the one time, and I don't even have the store to go to and buy cheap food.

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Ananda girl said...

YOu aren't just cleaning, you're organizing and that's what takes so long. I have a friend who is very organized and I admire that very much.